Tuesday, September 4

Alt Run

It took me a few runs to get into Karazhan but now it's one of the more enjoyable instances i've done so far. Even trash is fairly fast done and has some diversaty.
Yesterday was an off-day where we didnt raid so i used my Warrior alt who has Herbalism to do some pantsy flower picking so my main has some fresh pots. 2 hours later i had plants 3 flasks worth (WTB Fel lotus tho) and i kinda had it with driving around on my Tiger (have a slow flying mount still on my Alt).
A bunch of people in the guild wanted to do an alt run to Karazhan (or mains if they wanted) and i decided to come along. Altho my Main still needs some gear in there i didnt expect we'd reach the higher parts of the instance so i brought my warrior to save some repairs ánd to see the instance from a different point of view for a change.

The one alt protection warrior we had was made MT and i was made OT (i'm arms with a slight twist of prot). I could notice i was missing something here as i had to work like hell to keep ahead in aggro which was nearly impossible as we had an Epix-fitted Lock and Enchancement Shammy along aswell. (and a overly dps-focused Hunter ;) ) I tried to make up for that by staying sharp and fast reactions so i could taunt stuff back i managed to get aggro'd off me.
The protection warrior had slightly less gear then me and we got hit quite hard at times, so a dps warrior who was along and had some better kit (1,5k health more, dunno about the armor) respecced Prot which "demoted" me to dps once again.
In both roles i had fun i must say, an active role like in tanking is more enjoyable but maybe i should spec Protection next time we run Karazhan then.

All and all a nice run, i stepped out just before the Maiden so they could get an extra healer in as we had quite a bunch of Melee classes.
I even got some nice loot... [Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation] which are Leather but that doesnt matter much for my DPS kit, the Hunter was kind enough to pass as it was more of a sidegrade for him and no other had any use for it.


Anonymous said...

(and a overly dps-focused Hunter ;) )

Your not talking about me I hope? *rolleyes*

Grtz Valeya

Exanimo said...

Was i thát obvious? :P