Thursday, August 7

Making gold with a second account

You've spend your cash on a second account? So how do you make money? Have one toon on follow and do those dailies with two at a time? Do you mine/herb while raiding with your main? Let me tell you how i try to make my raidingmoney.

Dailies x2
Doing dailies isn't fun but at least if you do it with 1 toon on follow you get twice the cash for it for just a little effort more.
The Isle of Quel'Danas has quite a few dailies which can easily be done with a group; bombing quests, kill X belfs, freeing murlocs, getting ley lines but also a few gatherquests which are quickly done.

Grinding for Blues
If you got a good geared level 70 alt you could grind some instances for blue item drops which sell well on the Auction House. I'm going to share my little secret for this with you: Every 7 hours a boss spawns in the Arena outside Diremaul. While there is a risk you get ganked as you become attackable by everyone once you enter, the fight shouldn't take long for a good geared level 70.
I got my second account minimized with my toon parked just outside and an addon running which plays a L70ETC song as soon as a boss spawns. These drops are worth about 60g together but there is a chance something better drops which is worth around 800g.
If you don't got plans for your second account anyway, this might give it some use.

Playing AH
I got a low level alt which is busy selling the stuff i manage to loot aswell as buying stuff which is too cheap and reselling it.
There are guides for this but basicly i use the addon Auctioneer which you can use to scan all items and prices on the AH which will create a database for it. This takes a long while depending on the number of items on the AH (a scan easily takes 14mins on my server) and you need to keep scanning for a while to get accurate prices, aswell keep doing so to keep it accurate.
Auctioneer can also help you find which items are too cheap after a scan so you might be able to resell some.
It's not a glorious way to get rich and is quite boring aswell... profits are often very limited but now and then you might get lucky.
An other way is to dominate a certain market and buy out all the stuff and then put it back on for your own price but this is not my style anyway, takes even more time and has greater risk.

Camping the fair
This method can net you quite some money but it is very time intensive, my girlfriend does this alot. One week each month the Darkmoon fair shows up somewhere . It has various vendors but two of them have limited stock of items which are worth quite a bit on the Auction House, from gems, motes to valuable herbs. These items respawn frequently and you will need to spam the vendors to get to them before other campers do.
Not the most fun that can be had but if you have a toon on a second account standig arround Shatt anyway, might aswell park him at the fair instead.

All methods take up time and none are very fun, some with a better chance on a high outcome aswell.
Best is to try and do it while you do something fun on the other account, then it won't be such a pain... i fish alot on my other account while the raid is getting ready for example and sell dem fishies, won't make me rich but it's often enough to pay for a nights raid.
Don't be hesitant to share any other brilliant ideas with me btw.


Brent said...

My main is a Healer, so I got a second account to grind. All my DPS chars are on one account, healers on the other.

IQD is a breeze with a healer behind you especially for rogues and warlocks. Unlimited life/mana!

Exanimo said...

I recently switched mains from my Hunter to my Resto Shaman (altho it wasn't Resto at that time so had to learn alot and fast as we just started SWP) so i do my dailies with Hunter+Resto Shaman.
However, my Hunter is on follow and with a couple of keybinds i make the hunter assist, send pet it, autoshot-shotrotation, mount, jump... near full controll i guess.
But when WotLK starts im going to turn things around and make the healer the "slave", makes alot more sense and should be easier.

Anonymous said...

for those with 2 accounts:
i used keyclone and 2 windows 2 control my 2(sometimes 4) chars on one machine.

even a midrange-system should be able to run atleast 2 wow-windows

Exanimo said...

I do it the same way idd, i wrote a "tutorial" about that a while ago but i have to continue it with part 2 actually.
I've bougth a keyboard with extra keys (G11) with which i can control the toon on the 2nd screen for it.. with keyclone idd.

My current Keyclone crashes alot tho, i should look for an update soon i guess.