Wednesday, February 27

Getting yourself a new Guild

Now i don't plan to switch guilds but i often encounter people who do when they try to get in ours.
I thought it might be helpfull for some people to know what would get you a spot in a guild such as ours, perhaps this will even somewhat reduce the number of applies which have no chance to get in anyway.

Set a realistic Goal
If you are in season 1 pvp epics don't expect to get a Black Temple raiding guild, with lacking experience you might be lucky to get a spot in a SSC raidgroup. If you do have experience on another toon make sure you mention that, but still make sure your gear is up to the task aswell.
Don't apply to a guild if you don't have an idea what they raid and what they expect of you.

Get in shape
The first thing i do when someone whispers me is checking out Armory. People who lack enchants, use cheap gems (or none at all) or have a crooked talent spec are dismissed quickly. Try to make sure you've logged out earlier in the correct gear so you don't get caught in dps gear when you are a prot tank, or in your pvp gear while you want to join a raid guild.
Having the correct attunements helps alot aswell, or at least make sure you done all the prequests for it.

First impression
Just as in reallife this counts; be polite (no need to grovel ofc), avoid using too much 13375p34|< and try to use proper english
Make sure you actually have time for an apply and don't whisper an officer when you are about to join an Arena or kill a boss, that person is spending time on you and many others... don't stretch his time and keep communicating.
Humor is a bonus aswell but don't force it.
Remember to leave a good last impression aswell when you don't get a trial offered at that point. ("Whatever, didn't want to be in your guild anyway!", true story)

Don't lie
There is no use to lie about your experience, age or skill.. about all raidingguilds have a trialperiod so the truth will come out sooner or later anyway and they have no problem dropping you.
So don't waste your own and others time. Sure like a real job interview you can make things look a bit prettier then they really are but don't create expectations you can't live up to.

Get smart
The more progress a guild has made, the higher expectations a guild has a of a potential recruit. You will often get to talk to the Classleader and get questions about your class which you should be able to answer. (required hitrating, spell/shot/threatrotations, threatlevel, stuff like that)
Reading up on your class is required (some links here) if you didn't already.

The higher your own ambitions, the more serious you will have to take the above points ofcourse.
Also it depends on what server you are i suppose, if you have many high level raidguilds there might be a shortage of good raiders which makes guilds less picky. Anyway, if you plan to find yourself a new raiding guild the above tips migth help. Goodluck!

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