Thursday, June 5

Boosting your DPS for FREE!

Did i get your attention? Good.. now it's actually not a trick, it's the very truth.. and for just € 12,99 this truth can be yours to behold! Ah.. ow.. now if that's how you put it... i suppose i can let you in on my little secret for free for this once. It's not such a big secret afterall i suppose, well here comes.

The trick to get higher on those damagemeters is to get as much dps time as possible. Makes sense doesn't it? damage per second multiplied by time = damage. More time = more damage! It's like getting more caveties when eating more cookies.. or maybe not.
But there is only so much time between a mobs full health till his death, the idea is to use as much of this time as possible.

As soon as a target reached the tank, start bringing the pain... that is, as long as you don't overaggro ofcourse.
When the target is almost dead, start looking out for the next target, perhaps there is another tank already tanking a mob so you can grab that one. For ranged classes this is a bit easier ofcourse as you got a better view on the battlefield, even more so when there are more mobs around.
If not stick close to the tank so you can assist him straight away, perhaps an assist macro would help aswell.. just make sure not to break any crowd controll (sheep, trap, etc) early.
In case you are ranged dps you could go from one target to the next without interruption if the next target is tanked already, melee dps might require some running first.

Sounds simple huh? You would be surprised how much this could add in extra damage done! Use your dps time as effective as possible. Ofcourse when you stay on the ball like this you will need to keep using the correct spells/skills aswell... if you just keep autoshotting it won't matter much anyway.
I must confess i often only try to maximise my dps on bosses, i don't care much that i'm a bit lower on the meters on trash myself. However when we tried using a Main Assist awhile ago and i got the dubious honor to be that MA, i noticed again just what effect it had on your dps output when being able to just keep dps'ing without little to none interruption... i was Old Skool at the very top of the meters again where i normally hang around 4-5th place on trash with a big gap between the top 3 and the rest. Now i was the one that had a gap behind me, i didn't had any other gear and the same people were around as usual.

There are ofcourse other ways to boost your dps for free, using the correct spell/shot rotation for example. If you are a Warlock and you dot up a trashmob and it dies before your longest running dots are even halfway, was it really worth it? Couldn't you better had use some other skill in that same time? Or started dotting up the 2nd target that is being tanked? And does every trashmob need Scorpid Sting to reduce the mobs chance to hit the tank? Does it really hit that hard? That's again time waisted for a shot.
Get to know your class, know what the best order of attacks is and which you might aswell forget at certain times. Talk to classmates or read up (at elitist jerks for example).
Now if i only was planning to follow my own advice.

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Anonymous said...

the more time, the less DPS you have...
if it takes one person 30 seconds to kill a mob and antoher person 10, they did the same damage, but the faster one did more DPS
you want to do the same damage in less time, durr