Thursday, January 31

Pimp your Enh. Shaman: Crafted Gear

My Enhancement Shaman just dinged 70 and i want to get it geared to get better chances in battlegrounds and am more usefull in instances.
One of the ways to get better gear is by crafted gear and that's what i will discuss in this post, other options may follow later.

How much an item costs depends on yourself... most of my gear i (plan to) grind the mats for myself, either on my Shaman or an other toon.
For some materials you can perhaps make a deal with friends or guildmembers, you grind herbs and trade them for leather.. or sell your stuff and buy whatever you need on AH. In such a way your new gear shouldn't have to require much of your gold.
I've avoided items which require items from SSC/TK/BT as those are quite expensive.
Most Epic items do require Primal Nethers for which you will need to pay a fee, still a small price for an Epic tho. Also you might to be able to craft yourself some nice BOP Epics if you have a crafting profession and got it near max. level)

The above counts for any class ofcourse, in my list below i've focused on both mail and leather items.. as most leather items (for rogue's or feral druids) give good Enhancement Shaman stats aswell. In raids your armor is less of a concern then in PvP so i'm personally not too worried.

Lots of these slots can be quite easily filled with PvP gear aswell so if you have trouble getting a certain slot filled with a crafted item you could try getting yourself some Honor. The shoulder items are quite cheap for example.
Above combined with instance drops and quest rewards should get your Shaman more then able to dish out a good beating, at least.. that's what i'm working to. ;)

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Wow Panda said...

Grind gears can be fun, when you are not too pressed. I grinded my chest piece for 2 weeks (for less than an hour a day, that is the max time I could afford), and got most of it. On the last day I got impatient, and started to pour money in. Can't help it lol, about 1000g down AH.