Monday, December 24

Maximize your character

No this aint a commercial for a powerleveling service... i wanna lend the people out there a hand in releasing their characters potential, for those who didn't already manage to do so themselves.
Fact is, there is just too much in Wow hidden as classmechanics, procs, hidden timers and stuff like that, too much for just 1 person to find out. To get to the deepest secrets of your character, either your main or an alt, you need to read.
Loads of people who play your class have tried to unravel its mysteries... and are still doing so, no matter how good you are (or think you are) there is always more to learn. And once you figured most of it out Blizzard is gonna change stuff again anyway.
So if you are looking for a good read (can't imagen as you are on my blog) i've linked a number of posts of Elitist Jerks as you will find many good theorycrafting and spreadsheets there. There is also room to ask questions if you can't find that specific answer.


There is more on their forum, leading from class related questions till complete gear lists for >fill in class<.
While the knowledge base is still growing there is plenty to learn there, stuff others bothered to find out for you. I did link just a small bit of all the info and if you are looking for wisdom you might find it at their Class Mechanics section.
Enjoy your study.


Cassettes said...

I've bookmarked the PVE Warlocks guide. Very interesting Demonology build; one I haven't thought of at least.

Anonymous said...

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