Thursday, February 5

Ending it.

It was to be expected after so much time with no new posts... i'm ending it.
The reason? More then one i suppose.

While i had a great time getting to 80 in the WotLK expansion, i found my time to post limited. Once i did have the time i had minimized my Wow time that inspiration was at an all time low.
I find myself logging on a lot less then i used to, mostly just to get on time to raid.
Yesterday i stepped down as an officer aswell... while i was still active on the forums i often ended up in heated discussions/fights to try to get the guild in the direction i thought was right. (wasn't alone there luckily)
So to not drive myself insane it figured it was time to do what i felt was best for me and went back to being a regular member, something i tried to do before but there was too much to be sorted still.. while now most things are close to completion.
Quite a load fell of my shoulders, just hope it didn't land on someone elses :P

I'm guessing i will slowly get more fun out of playing Wow now i start to see it like a game again instead of a second job. Otherwise i suppose i just focus a bit more recent found hobby; Warhammer 40k.
Thus far i've only assembled and painted some models, perhaps i won't like the game itsself... but otherwise there is always the faithfull TV with my savings of series like BSG, SG-1, Supernatural, TSCC, etcetera.
Perhaps my Xbox requires some attention aswell, plenty to do for a nerd like me. ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading all and wishing you fun in the virtual world of Azeroth aswell as the world out there!