Wednesday, August 27

I R Legend

It was a few years ago... before the universe i knew got destroyed and i had to start all over again... i'm not exactly sure what happened but when i opened my eyes again me and all my friends where stripped to the bone, every piece of equipment and item we had was gone.
A few of my friends were seasoned enough to have most of their gear magically restored, still left us standing in IF buttnaked.

Before that time i was 29 seasons young although i was tainted by battle, fighting the horde with whatever teammembers i got on one of the battlegrounds they needed me on. I had some pretty good gear, not the best but some more to stand out and be better then the average player. Sure, the Horde send a few of their best geared into battle often which i did my very best to give a hard time but we would lose the battle often anyway.
I had my share of victories.. moments of glory aswell where i managed to strike a blow, steal that lowely Horde's flag and humilate them like they often did us. At other times i stood my ground defending whatever area i assigned myself to and protected it with my life, again with my share of succeses.

I considered myself a lone rogue, a secret weapon in a battle long lost which could shift the balance. It wasn't just brute force ofcourse, where needed i listened to orders when it was better to the outcome or i even played the tactician myself if no other stepped up.
After a while i got people shouting my name when i entered the battlefield... people listened when i devised a plan.. not all of them but now and then enough. I slowly became a legend, i turned into a beacon of hope it seemed even though that wasn't what i considered myself at all.
I was just doing the best i could to help end this war, even it it cost my own life...

After all my battle gear had been taken from me i had withdrew myself from battle, what use would i be? I decided to use the little credit i had left and the few tokens that the robbers had left me and spend it at the quartermasters and get myself at least some gear. In time my friends gave me some spare gold and i was able to restore some other gear and minor enchants but some of the gear was forever lost.
Yesterday after a year or so i entered the battlefield again and how things had changed... people no longer knew my name and the Horde seemed to running around in the best possible gear, even clothies stood their ground to my daggerstabbing action.

I played back in the days where reputation was important, not just among players but also at the factions on the battlefield.. the higher the rep, the better rewards you would be able to buy. Tokens which you would get for entering the fights were just used for more reputation and some experience.
Now suddenly i was left with plenty of credits (honor) but no tokens, it seems it's going to take a long time to get back into this.
Perhaps i should ask one of my friends to run me through an instance for some extra experience so i can to season 38 and get some extra skills and wear some higher level gear. I'm no legend anymore (if i ever was) but i will fight for long lost glory!!!! (and blue gear)


Wow Panda said...

So you are one of those people! I know how it feels like in those sure to loss battles, and I found out sticking to one of those people who had high ranks will increase my chance of survive dramatically :-)

Anyway, sorry for your loss. Blizzard should recover all lost items to hacking. But most importantly you should be careful (always update to latest MS patches, don't download and run unknown third party stuff).

Exanimo said...

Yeah it was mostly my own faulth getting hacked. No 3rd party software but i roamed the internet without Spyware blocker thinking it wouldn't ahppen to me... (full story here.

But Blizz only restored gear of max leveled toons, my two level 60 toons got their gear back but my (semi) twink and many others like me level 56? Warrior didn't.

Maybe i should join a Twink guild for laughs, but if i know myself i'll be done with him once im geared out max anyway :)

Wow Panda said...

WAHH!! Must be one of those late fix Microsoft IE bugs..... I always try to patch to the latest and use FIREFOX :-)

Exanimo said...

Since my hack i use Firefox aswell idd :) Also got a good Virusscanner + Firewall + Spyremover aswell.. and not to forget: the Blizzard Authenticator!
Well worth it, way less paranoid nowadays. Before that my heart skipped a beat each time i entered my password.

Wow Panda said...

"Blizzard Authenticator"??!! I will check that thingy out. I heard of it before but never give any attention.

Zupa said...

Sounds strangely like my experience after taking 18 months off.

Suddenly all my gear meant nothing, everybody seemed to be ranked private, and getting to honored with WSG was a big deal.

So I turned to my bank, discovered some tokens, quickly found out I had some honor left over from the dark ages, and set about aquiring level 70 and some decent gear.

It's a long journey back to the top, but you will always have your old school rank, and no doubt you will get there eventually.

Probably just in time for WotLK ;)