Wednesday, July 30

Prot Warrior in the Beta

I'm currently fooling around in the beta and while i've was mostly on my Shaman main i also tried my level 70 Protection Warrior during an instance
To give a bit of an idea of my character and how i play it: My tank is tanked in full T4 gear-equivalent with some Heroic Badges gear so not half bad.
I've often maintanked Karazhan with some of our T6 mains tagging along which rarely took aggro even without a Paladin in the raid or a Shamy using his tranquil air which hopefully says a bit about my threatgeneration. (got threat spec tho)

When doing a 5-man in WotLK with 4 guildmates i took a somewhat simular build with some of the new talents aswell.
Now i must confess i quite missed my macro's but i recreated most halfway through the instance, still things felt a bit akward and i'm suspecting threatgeneration might be a bit lower then usuall... leaving out of consideration that my Warriors threat might be minimalized due to the change in how threat is generated. (as my kit has very little strength but does have Block value and such for threat generation)
My build was probably something like: (can't check atm as i'm at work :P)

First thing i noticed was how threat was totaly messed up.
I was with a Ret Paladin which could overtake me on aggro within a second and many times throughout the fight so i used that taunt button more in one run then i normally would on 10 (taunt is more of an oh shit button most of the time). Now the Paladin is supposed to have some bugged talents which makes him do insane damage so can understand this up to some point (was just before latest beta update btw).
The Enhancement Shaman managed to do the same actually.... When starting out with a Shield Slam and a Revenge/Devastate he overtook me straight away. Normally the Shield Slam alone would give me a nice headstart (i never taunt at the pull to keep a mob on me) but it had little effect now.
Either the Warriors threatgeneration is completely messed up, the Threat bonus on Defensive stance aint working yet, the threatreduction on dps classes don't work yet or the new itemisation totaly made my current gear useless (had no Recount or such to check TPS :( ).
Now it has been said that Warriors are still getting their complete overhaul so i'm hoping i can test things again later.
I did get to try the new talents a bit however and the new skills part of that.

Vigilance: Quite nice to use on that constantly overaggro'ing person. I made a macro of it so i could cast it on my target's target (aka, what my mob was attacking), with no CD an it being active untill canceled it seems a pretty impressive skill.
I thought at first it was more of a panic skill but if threat is a problem for a certain player you can simply keep this skill on him/her, shouldn't be needed but i can imagen certain boss fights where this comes in handy.. surely Blizz will think of some uses for it aswell.

Sword and Board: a so-so talent, i think you get more benefit from it if you tank a raidboss and get use Shield Slam more often then you do in your current rotation, which also makes a fixed rotation a thing of the past ofcourse. Don't mind myself.
On trash it's nice to be able to Slam around a bit or build faster threat on the current mob so you got enough headstart and can build threat on the next mob in meantime. For those not stuck in a rotation this is quite helpfull eitherway, then again.. those people are perhaps not the ones who need that threatboost in the first place.

Shockwave: I guess my attackpower wasn't high enough with my Outlands tankgear but it seemed to do very little. I can't even recall i saw any stunning on the mobs and i used it quite a lot, perhaps it isn't finished yet.
Visuall it looked pretty cool altho getting all the enemies in the cone in front of me was tricky, it was easy to be slightly turned away and blast past some or have mobs to close. Then again the people in my group didn't give me much time to backstep to get them neatly lined up so that might help until you are more used to using this spell.

I could see the potential of the Protection Warrior but this far it's far from complete. In the current state it's quite frustrating to play as a tank on a protection Warrior... on an earlier run the Fury Warrior was MT and his threat wasn't much worse then mine and that shouldn't be possible imo, at least not to this extend.
Hopefully they will implent the planned changes soon so i can take another shot at this.

Monday, July 28

DeathKnight impressions

This weekend i spend some time trying out the Deathknight, firstly i did the complete questchain untill you get out of the instanced zone and enter the actuall world and after that i played around with the other two specs.
Can't say it's much more then a first impression as i ended as a level 57 with many new skills short aswell as a few points to try to top tier talent, still it gave me a good impression of the playstyle and the quests of its current state... but you never know what Blizz is still going to change right?

The questchain will explain you how you become a "man" of free choice in a series of quests in which you will meet quite a few know lore characters like Mograine, The Lich King himself but also the Baron from Stratholme. The quests themselves are quite versatile, still there are a few "kill X stuff" quests around but with the majority they have tried to offer something new or at least fun.
What also impressed me was that you play in instanced versions of the starting zone, depending on your progress in the questchain. If you have set up a cauldron in a quest it will actually be there from that point on, destroyed stuff will remain destroyed...really adds to the feel that what you did effected the world. I really hope they use this method of story progress more often.
The only downside is that when you finally finish your Deathknight quests after a final epic battle you are left in Eastern Plaguelands, stuck with doing what i've always considered some of the worse quests in Azeroth. Luckily 1 level is easily done and after that you can enter the Outlands on level 58.

Considered the DPS spec and this is what i used to level at first. It offers quite some damage aswell as offer some healing abilities to yourself and your group. At higher level you get some more area abilities and ofcourse you can put some points in either the Frost of the Unholy. The top tier talent in Blood is a flying sword which mimicks your attacks as long as you have runic power which is basicly your rage. It won't double your dps as you won't be able to use runic power at that point for your own attacks but there are still the skills that require runes which you can use.
Without much doubt this will be the best PVE spec in raids aswell as re-assure smooth and fast leveling.

This is considered the Tank build with more magic/physical damage reduction in it (some in the other trees aswell so going a bit into Blood should be required). What i noticed with this spec sofar is the somewhat more limited options then with Blood or Unholy, this will give tanks some more freedom to watch surroundings i guess so that helps.
But don't set it aside for just tanking, i skipped most of the tank talents and i quickly noticed the ammount of control you would get with this spec.. almost as if you are a frostmage but with armor and a kickass sword. With the freezing and slowing talents it's quite possible to kite some harder mobs to death, i've tried it on a couple of mobs and although i didn't spec in slowing mobs with my frost spells it was quite hard of them to even lay a finger on me.
It somewhat depends on some proccing luck ofcourse.
When doing mobs one on one the Bloodspec will be slightly faster but if you plan to tank later on with your deathknight, do give Frost a try with leveling.

I'd like to call this the Fun spec myself. When speccing into this you lower you CD on Ghoul summoning aswell as lengthen the duration. It also adds a petbar so you have more control over your pet aswell as have some extra skills, without this talent the Ghoul will just do as he pleases which can be quite annoying. People say this is the PvP spec and i did see quite a few potential skills for that, but if you would choose this spec for leveling you are in for quite a few smiles on your face... exploding corpses, leaping and selfdestruction Ghouls.. what more do i need to say.
I could easily take on a group of 4-5 with this spec and come out with half my health.
The other specs will have more AE abilities aswell on higher level but they won't have exploding corpses which is an absolute blast.
This spec offered the most options so far and has the smallest chance to turn into couple button bashing gameplay.

Bloodspec should be your choice if you want to perform at your best in a PVE raid as DPS, Frost would be the spec to go if you love tanking in either 5mans or raids and Unholy is your spec if you either PvP or mostly solo.
However... each spec has some talents which would be worthwhile having one of that spec in a raid, mostly in the form of party healing or resistances.
Also, some builds complement each other.. having more then one deathknight in your raid will boost each others potential. The Blood dps spec becomes alot better when bringing an Unholy DK along for example.
If you want my oppinion; I'd likely level as Unholy as it seemed the most fun in the small time i played. However if you plan your DK to be your main, do level with the spec that will be your final spec as much as possible because each tree has quite different playstyles and the experience will help you at 80.

Friday, July 25

Buying Gold the right way?

You know what i got against buying gold? The way its aquired!
People likely got hacked, stripped to the bone and their belongings where melted down into gold bars which then are offered to the people out there willing to trade their Euros/Dollars/Yen for the virtuall currency.
Buying gold will simply feed that market, as long as people keep buying gold.. people will get hacked, we are the ones that keep it alive.
Ofcourse there are farmers aswell who gather gold by grinding the same mob over and over again and while the gold that is generated that way might cause some inflation it won't cost you your gear in the end, but there is no way to make sure your bought gold is hack-free is it?

So i was wondering... if i was sure the gold was hack-free, would i be more willing to spend my real life money on it? Sure it's still illegal but at least i'm not risking someone getting hacked, although i risk getting my account shut down.
Would i change my game by gold in a way i am not supposed to?
Suppose i sell ingame materials and charge gold for it and make a large a sum of gold that way, thats nothing weird is it?
I however have little to offer ingame, at least nothing which don't require me to grind for it first... and then i might just aswell simply do dailies and get the gold. When i trade gold with someone for real life cash, that's pretty save isn't it? If a guildy has more gold then he can burn i can buy some off him without any risk getting my account banned, we can always say it was a donation.. nothing against that.

But how about game balance? I'm thinking nothing changes, if either my guildy spends the money i buy or i do it for him.. doesn't matter does it?
It's like giving gold to your alt only this time there is some payment done outside Wow without any possible concequences ingame, no hackers cleaning out other people... no farmers overspooling the Auction House and messing up prices or what ever other inflation/deflation of currency.

I still feel like i'm cheating on the game, like using one of those trainers or cheatcodes on a game to finish it in no time.. kind of a waste of a good game that way. Then again, if Wow is all about grinding like it is currently to be able to raid.. do i even want to play it?
On the other hand, say i'm buying 10k gold now to get me out of debts and make sure i got some cash to burn, what stops me from doing it again later on when i'm low on cash again? I might change the way i play this game, instead of grinding for some mats i'll just buy them on the AH and then buy new gold with real money. At least in the past you would get punished by Godzilla if you typed "fund" too often....

Sounds very tempting still doesn't it? Risk free gold with no concequences, well... perhaps just for yourself then.

Thursday, July 24

Addicted to WotLK

-Warning, contains spoilers!-

After hours of spamming the inlogscreen of the beta i finally came in with little time to spare before the planned bedtime, actually it was past that already as i intended to go to bed early. I quickly met up with 4 guildies who managed to get in a bit earlier (log-in server was giving many of us problems), redid my UI, keybindings and talent quickly and made my way up to Stormwind.
One of the guys who was online yesterday already suggested we did the first instance Utgarde Keep which is located in the startarea on the east, the Howling Fjord.
Most of us went over to the new SW Harbors which is HUGE! I went by it pretty fast as my time was limited but it was a city of its own with at least a ship which could take you straight to Auberdine so no more running through dangerous Wetlands with your level 10 Nightelf if you want to see Ironforge.

I took the ship and i ended up at the western startarea in Northrend; Borean Tundra. I guess the ship that leaves from Theramore would have gone to the Howling Fjord. There is also supposed to be a Turtleship in between the two points but we decided to take an oldfashion roadtrip since three other party members ended up there aswell.
It took quite a drive to get on the other side, Northrend is rather big... i'd say about 10minutes or so. The highest mob i encountered was level 73 and was quite easy despite my mediocre gear (Kara/S1) and my bad key setup.

Utgarde Keep itsself was quite a maze to get in at first but the architecture was quite impressive. We did the instance with a Fury Tank, Ret Pala, 2x Enh. Shamans and a Holy Pala... it was brutal! I was the lowest geared one with the rest having T6 gear mostly and we just tore through the trash without use of any crowdcontroll. It didn't take long before we got overconfident and pulled 3 thrashgroups at a time and managed to wipe, probably would have pulled it off with a fully functional UI, keybindings and macro's but in this case it was just a tad too much.
The rest went rather smooth and the instance looked quite cool, apart from a couple of eye pleasers it was a pretty straight forward one.. no alternative routes and a minimalistic design and quite a few simular trashmobs. Enjoyable though.
Altho the instance is quite large, the rooms aint packed with trash so you get through it pretty quick.. the bosses were doable without much knowledge of tactics as long as the dps is as mad as ours. That didn't work for the final boss however and we had to find a tactic that worked for us, enable some enemy castbars due to lack of emotes or bossmods and then we took him down.
The instance took us about one hour, could have gone faster if we wouldn't have messed around too much.

My day ended at 1 'o Clock and i was beat! I still am now i'm sitting behind my desk at work,... and the worse thing is; i can't think of anything else.
I need to do some foodshopping later and go to the hairdresser (not the ingame one) Sathurdaymorning but i already find myself looking for excuses...
I'm like a zombie but instead of craving for brains i crave for Wrath of the Lich King, omg... why on earth did i get this beta key?

Wednesday, July 23

I'm in!

You are either gonna hear alot on the expansion on this blog or not a thing at all... depends on just how much fun it's going to be. :)
Seems my preperations for the expansions are going to be on hold for now, but at least i will know what to prepare for.

Thursday, July 17

Am i the only beggar around here?

It's not that i ask for gold, i'd even feel embarresed if i would take gold from others if they would offer... i'd probably wouldn't accept even. If only some guy that quit the game ran in to me and unloaded his riches onto me.
The thing is, i 'm having quite some trouble getting cash lately on the server my Alliance mains are on. I played the Auction House a bit (mostly looked for underpriced items) on my Horde and i made quite some money with it... but people are either smarter at the Alliance side or (more likely) there are already a number of people watching the AH more frequently then i do.
Sure i get a bargain now and then but more then 15-20g profit isn't made.

And what about dailies? Ow how i hate those.. but still i drag my sorry ass to the plateau and do about 7 of the quests there every day before the raid. That gives me 130g as nowadays i got a second toon on follow (some functions hotkeyed so he aint totaly useless) aswell as 2 flasks to use in SWP.
It might not be much but this should net me with nearly 1000g a week right? True but to buy my new main an epic mount i got pursuaded to loan 2000g of a guildy, who assured me i would get the money back alot faster with it.
He's in no hurry to get the gold back but i'm hoping i can repay him within two weeks as i hate to have debts, even ingame.

It wont be long after i repay my debt that i will stop doing those boring dailies once again which result in somewhat limited funds once again.
For some reason i hear that people all around me have gold in the thousands, my own girlfriend recently reached 10k and for some guildies even that is peanuts. One of the guys bought numerous Gigantique Bag's for his main and alts which costs 1200g each, which shows he has some gold to burn. This guy can do dailies with 3 toons at the same time and he does probably close to 25 each day which is close to 750g a day then i guess, i wish i wouldn't go mental after the first 2 dailies.
Some other guy is constantly mining and gathering herbs, he spams my Gatherer addon constantly so no doubt about that.

What is it that those other people have no problem grinding dailies, mining/herbing, playing the AH while i get sick and tired of it just by thinking of it.
This aint a game, it's bloody work! If Blizzard would sell gold (and i'm glad they dont) i would likely spend some RL cash on it now and then, i won't do that now as i will not support goldfarmers/hackers/whatever other evil out there to mess up the game.
I just want a forever fun daily which doesn't take too much time and pays well, but that would only increase prices any more.
Bah... guess i just have to bit my lip and do my daily chores.

Monday, July 14


So i'm a T6 geared Hunter and suddenly i find myself logging my Shaman, spec him Resto.. spend a small forture on enchants, gems and whatever else is needed and i head into a Heroic Instance. Before that the most healing i had done was on my Moonkin Druid in Zul'Farak once or twice.
What made me do it? A possible mainswitch. (i don't see BRK do that ;-) )

A Resto Shaman was needed, i had a Shaman alt (Enhancement but still) and people trusting that i would be able to pick it up quite fast and even like it.
I had my doubts... but wanted to try it anyway, eventho the idea of abbandoning my Hunter who has been my main since the very beginning pained me.
That Heroic went pretty smooth, not so much because of me but because of my party members including a T6 geared tank who hardly took a hit. (my GF btw... a T6 tank, now many won't be able to repeat that :P And No, she's not for sale!)
How i learned that 5-man, in the end i had a pretty good idea how things worked. The Karazhan raid after that granted me with even more experience, sure some people died but it were mostly the over aggro'ing locks who went down like a Pornstar.
After that run i thought of a few macro's i missed, macro's who would make my life easier hopefully.

The next run i did was Black Temple... a fresh healer in mostly Karazhan gear stepping foot in the Black Temple, again something that doesn't happen too often i suppose. In the beginning i barely outhealed the tank but as we got further and further into the instance i found myself getting faster, adapted better to unexpected things and quicker to decide who to heal first. I walked out that instance with 6 BT Epics and i helped at every boss apart from Illidan where my Hunter was needed. It was Great!!! I wasn't, but the experience was.

Ow healing is alot tricker then expected and i caught myself shouting out "CRAP!" quite often if someone died, even if it was a person not assigned to me.
Sure it's a bit of wack-a-mole but it does give some rewarding feeling when the people assingned to you remain standing when the boss isn't.

In my quest for a better heal setup i got adviced a number of addons of which i am currently using the following:
Healbot Continued", which gives you defineable healthbars and functions under your mousebuttons.
Instant Health, basicly this helps refresh the info you receive on people's health faster.
Quartz, a defineable castbar which i moved close to the healthbars to better time heals as it shows how much earlier you can start casting the next spell based on your latency.

The last runs i did were to Sunwell Plateau and i must say i held my own. The other Resto Shaman showed me the meters afterwards and i was a good second just below him, eventho i know the meters say alot less for healers then they do for dps.. it at least shows me i was more often quicker with landing heals then before. Ofcourse the investments i made in my gear (crafted bracers, boots from badges, Epic (haste) gems, expensive enchants) payed off aswell.

Friday, July 11

2Accounts1Pc - part1

This about something called dual boxing/multi boxing or whatever other slang there is for it.. except i'll be using 1 PC here.
Yep that's right, i got myself a second account for a number of reasons:
1. I need some gold to get my new main an epic flyer.
2. My new main is a healer so could use some help doing quests.
3. I will be leveling 2 toons to 70 when WotLK comes out to save myself some time.
Perhaps i will drop my second account after that but for now i got something new to toy with.
In a couple of posts i will try to explain how i've set up things, what i used and how i did it.
Part one starts below:

Hardware preperations
Now what helps is a second monitor but it isn't required at all. When your pc aint as fast it's probably better to keep your slave account minimized which has the extra benefit that you can keep your main wow client maxized (non-windowed) which makes it run quite a bit faser, difference on my pc is easily 15FPS. Depending on how you intend to controll your slave later that is something to consider.
I'll be using it windowed so i can always move my mouse to my second screen for either interaction with the other account or a webbrowser.

I myself intend to controll my 2nd character with my first keyboard and for that i bought a keyboard with extra keys: the Logitech G11 which is basicly the G15 without LCD screen.

You will need to check if your PC has enough RAM, at least 2GB for 2 accounts and a dualcore might help aswell although i must confess i have no idea what is exactly needed. I myself got 2,66Ghz dualcore, 4GB RAM and a X1950 Pro videocard from ATI.. no high end system at all.

Creating the Second account
Buy yourself a second copy of Wow first, perhaps with The Burning Crusade aswell if needed. You can either buy one of the so called "Treasure Chests" which contain both in the shop or simply order your key online. I bought mine at Gamecards EU who deliver in the US aswell btw. After i used my visa (can use various other methods like Paypal aswell) they called me to verify the first payment and i got the keys within 5mins by mail... if things take long, just use the chatbox on the site and you will get an answer straight away.
After that go to the official Wow site and create a new account, likely on the top right. After creating your normal account enter the account and upgrade the account using the Burning Crusade key.

Setting up the Second account
Best is to copy the directory you installed Wow in to an other physical diskdrive. It is possible to run Wow twice out of one folder but running it from two different spots will improve performance. Make sure it are actually two different drives, not one harddisk split.

The addon i installed first was Multiboxer V2 (direct download here.
Install this addon in both Wow clients.
This addon will add all sort of helpfull options like autofollow, auto-accepting rezzes, invites, quests and trades from friends, redirects whispers, aswell as a few other helpfull things.

A few essential macro's to use:
Follow, follows the leader in the party. You can also replace party1 with a name ofcourse
/target party1

Assist, uses the same target as the leader in the party. Can again replace party1 with a name.
/assist party1

Trade accept, might be helpfull when using the Multiboxer addon as you can request a tradewindow accepting without a keypress is not allowed.
/script AcceptTrade();

More macro's here.

This will basicly make it possible to easily go arround town with the other toon in your slipstream, nice for boosting a lower level alt or do some of those dailies which don't have drops.
Don't forget to put Loot on Free for all. You can also copy an existing toon of yours to your other account aswell by the way, costs € 20,- in Europe. Both accounts need to be on the same persons name however.

I wil continue in next post with more detailed info how i have/will setup things using my G11 keyboard and Keyclone, making your second toon pitch in aswelll.
For those who want more info already or info about multi pc boxing, check out

Thursday, July 10

While the corpse is still fresh

We've run into something weird this week... Guild corpse camping i suppose you could call it.

Let me start with explaining the situation on recruitment: We never adress people in other guilds, ever! People simply come to us if they want to join us.
Apart from the idea that we don't like poachers it also makes sure that we get people who actually have made up their mind theirselves that they want to join us. As we cleared Black Temple and as an added bonus our good name, we do get our share of skilled players to apply.

But now with the holidays and the pre-expansion down we are in need of a few extra raiders. As our guild is build on more then just progress but on friendship and fun aswell, we have very few leavers. Actually we only need extra people as current members are stepping back to a more casual level or quit the game completely. The only person we had gquit this year was a new recruit who decided to go raid with friends and even he wanted to get back in later on. So we are looking for a good few who not only want to do the effort but have matching personalities aswell.. a tricky combo at times but we feel it works. This is what keeps us together as a guild and a raidforce even when things are a bit slow.

We aint the only ones having a slow time actually, other raidgroups on our server are also suffering and some are even experiencing leave-waves.
Guilds are falling apart and people are running for the lifeboats, peddeling to the nearest other raiding guild to get the last remaining seats. Yep, it's every man and woman (and child) for themselves. Just a few days ago i've heared about another guild which is basicly disbandig which is a saddening thing on itsself ofcourse.
Suddenly i found myself thinking "Hey, that might result in a few nice applies!" as they are on about equall progression level. Straight after followed by the weird feeling that i was about to pick someone's corpse.... and we might not be the only one trying to get their share of capable raiders when this other ship sinks. It's time to throw out some lifelines and see what grabs on, if they are lucky it is skilled and social enough for us not to throw it back into the cold water.
"Ow look, we caught a gnome...." "THROW IT BACK! THROW IT BACK!"

Monday, July 7

My Alt wears T6!

I'll have to share some info with you guys first.. something i've held back before due to security reasons....
I've probably bored you before with the fact that i was thinking to mainswitch as i was pretty tired of playing my Hunter, now this plan was schedualed for the expansion but something occured suddenly.

When i was airing my ideas about mainswitching to my Shaman some officers said they wouldn't mind if i switched straight away if only i would go Resto.
Healing? Not something i've done before but people in my guild who knew about this possible mainchange said i would be able to do it and even like it.
The idea of switching straight away and not having to wait till WotLK was quite appealing to me and it brought another advantage: if i wouldn't like it afterall i could always mainswitch to a different toon when the expansion came out as the field was leveled anyway!
Worse case scenario i wouldn't like playing it and had to sit it out till the expansion but then again, i didn't like playing the Hunter much either.

After a weekend in Paris (WWI08) where i talked to several guildies, including some (ex)healers... i switched specs and enchanted/gemmed all my off-role healing kit i gathered in Karazhan. The idea was to try it out first before making the switch official.
I started out with an Heroic and while i pretty sucked at the start, i had the idea that i was getting better and better at the end.. ofcourse having a T6 tank along helped alot aswell to ease the pain. Straight after i entered Karazhan first time as a healer and i had to adapt and learn quickly there aswell.
Things didn't go perfect but as one of 2 healers we managed quite a bit.

The next step was to try out a 25man raid. The raidleader decided that i could step in on the first few bosses in Black Temple, probably as a bad player didn't have too much effect there. ;-) In the beginning i was shamefully low on the meters but i started picking up soon, getting better at every pull... and more importantly; enjoying it aswell.
I ended up doing every boss apart from Illidan where my Hunter was needed and while doing that i ended up with 6 Black Temple Epics, including the T6 legs! At the last boss i did i managed to outheal quite a few healers which might not be as hard using Chain Heal but don't forget my inexperience and poorer gear.... i won't applaud myself just yet but it showed me i had actually improved quite a bit in just a few days.

At the end of this reset i will make my decission; either i'll switch to the Shaman or i'll stay on the Hunter. That leaves me with just 2 more nights on which i can try my skills in heroics/raids.
Either way i choose i can savely say: "My Alt wears T6!"

Friday, July 4

Refining my macro's

Yesterday i had a testrun with my healer in nothing less then Black Temple! I managed to try out my leet healing skills (sarcasm intented) and my macro's. One thing i can across was how i wanted to apply Earth Shield. I wanted to be able to toss it to random people easier, when someone was suddenly taking damage for a longer period of time.. at an AoE pull for example.
Below refined macro should be able to do that at a targeted person while holding control, giving it prio over the focus target.

/cast [nomodifier,target=focus,exists,nodead] Earth Shield; [nomodifier] Earth Shield
/stopmacro [nomodifier]
/cast [modifier:ctrl,target=target,help] Earth Shield
/stopmacro [modifier:control]
/focus [modifier:shift]
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Focus target set!")

The other thing i wanted to do is to easier heal people "in the field". I had a mouse over macro for that:
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [help,exists] [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=player] Lesser Healing Wave

The problem was that an already targeted player would get priority, often a good thing ofcourse if you like to wave that mouse around. But this way i had to get rid of my current target which was often a boss to keep an eye on his abilities. Another refinement required.
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [nomodifier,help,exists] [nomodifier,target=mouseover,help,exists] [nomodifier,target=player] Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [modifier,target=mouseover,help,exists] [modifier,help,exists] [modifier,target=player] Lesser Healing Wave

Pretty simple actually, just hold shift/ctrl/alt it will use a different order of casting the spell.
I could also add a 3rd line with Alt as modifier with a prio healing myself, will have to test ingame if i can have that many letters in the macro tho.

Reclaimer: Above macro's have to be tested still.

Thursday, July 3

First time Healer

Yesterday i respecced my shaman Restoration. I gemmed and enchanted all my offspec kit, which was luckily 80% epic from earlier Kara runs, and i went into Heroic Mechanar. I was lucky that the tank was T6 geared so healing was pretty much a breeze apart from the times one of the two locks overaggro'd. First thing i noticed: i would die alot. Every broken sheep or untanked mob would come straight for me and try to hammer away the little health i got (something to work on).

I'm sure some deaths were to blaim on me as i was constantly looking for buttons and had trouble deciding who to prioritize. I forgot Earthshield on the tank, forgot Water shield for myself and to drop totems quite often... it was all too much!
But every mob and boss we did i felt i was getting more and more in control. Slowly i was seeing some logic in the things i needed to do and the addon that was supposed to make my life easier actually started doing so.
Someone else in the party noticed my quick improvement aswell.

After a succesfull run (lets ignore those deaths shall we?) i joined the Karazhan alt run of that evening. Quickly i had to resort my healing addon which went a bit beserk when joining a raid (reloud UI did the trick i found out later) and not much later we were on our way.
The one tank we had was well geared but was playing on a older laptop so had some latency issues, which resulted in a few more deaths on my behalf as i hoped for. I felt i didn't do half bad besides the crappy tanking of loose adds i ended up doing and letting a few people that overaggro'd die... by the time we did Opera i had to heartstone out as i was 80% red, resulting in 30g repaircosts.
Quite a few wipes happened, most of them by ninja pulls by others then the tank, both healers dieing on trash or (an old time favorite) moving in the fucking Flame Wreath!

Either way i learned alot. I became more confident and learned how and when to use what... many fine tunement is needed ofcourse but Nature's Swiftness was one of the tools i quickly learened to love.
Earthshield needs a different sollution.. while the addon i used (Healbot) had a key-combination in it, it didn't feel quick enough so i was thinking of a macro:

/cast [nomodifier,target=focus,exists,nodead] Earthshield; [nomodifier] Earthshield
/stopmacro [nomodifier:shift]
/focus [modifier:shift]
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Focus target set!")

I actually adapted a Misdirect macro which i made for my Hunter but this should work aswell. Set the MT as focus target using Shift, using the macro will them ES him no matter who i have targeted. If he's dead he will ES my current target and oterwise myself if it's hostile.
Am considering to make a bypass key... for example if i held ALT it would do ES on my current target even if there is a focus target, but let's try this first.
I've also planned to keybind some more keys, Watershield again (which i replaced with Nature's Swiftness) and perhaps Earthshield aswell.

More to learn in the upcomming days, so far it's pretty cool... having the balance of life in your fingertips... MWOEHAHAHA!

Wednesday, July 2

A Warlock's Wet Dream

Made on the WWI 2008 in Paris.

Tuesday, July 1

WWI 2008

It's over, i joined the queues to the various shows and events at the World Wide Invitational 2008 in Paris together with a bunch of guildies.
The things i've seen made me quite enthousiastic about Wow once again and i'm eager to start the levelrace to 80. Wowinsider and various other sites have covered alot already of what i've seen so i won't go into much detail, however i'd like to share some things i experienced and the innovations that i think are great myself.

Meeting up with Guildies
This must have been the highlight of the event for me, eventhough i felt a big grin on my face quite often while watching the various presentations and game details. Quite funny to see people you've spoken to for a couple of years but never seen in real life.
Some people totaly match the picture you have created in your mind while others manage to surprise you quite a bit, mostly in a positive way luckily.
The most surprising thing must be that you hang out together throughout the weekend with people you've never met before but it just seems right, just as if you are on a raid but without the dkp. (Goodybag still contained Epix btw)
I wonder how this has changed our ingame relation, i'm expecting you get even more of a friends feeling while talking to them from now on.
Just hope everyone enjoyed the meet up as much as i did.

Class Changes
Now this was pretty vague and quite a bit of this was already known. One of the few things i didn't know yet was that the Hunter pets would get their own talent tree. This way you can spec a pet as dps or a tank or for utility, which could make a tankpet alot better for solo'ing or perhaps even offtanking in a regular instance.
I tried the new Enhancement shaman talents on one of the WotLK PC's (toons were at 70 still sadly enough) and the Spirit Wolves looked like fun altho i'm wondering if they work as they are supposed to... like the Moonkins Treants you get a circle to spawn them somewhere around you but these didn't return to you and follow you when there is no mob or the mob is dead, they just stood there.
The rest of the Enhancement Shaman talents looked pretty promissing aswell.
A m8 of mine who was sitting next to me tried the lock's new talents and demonform was pretty cool, still looked like the Leo demon at that point.
The affliction top tier talent seemed usefull aswell (slowing and silencing a target while still being vulnurable by spells) while Destruction got a non resistable attack. (think it was fire based)

New Stuff
I didn't have enough time to play the Deathknight but my GF did and she was quite enthousiastic about it eventho she plans to stay on her current toon.
Most people seemed to have problem with it though as i saw alot dead Deathknights running about :P

Stuff i also liked was the new PvP zone.. while i normally hate PvP this actually looked like brilliant fun, an actuall siege which was truelly as Warcraft.
Even on unbalanced servers the controll of the keep can change as the faction that keeps losing gains more and more reinforcements, shifting the balance after each loss.

The new Tabard system is great aswell; if you are running around in Ramparts with a Cenarion Expedition tabard for example... you will get CE rep aswell! If you wear the HH one in Ramparts, you get a bonus on your current rep gain. Likely will only work for heroics tho.
This change is for WotLK ofcourse and tabards will be obtainable at Friendly/Honored.

They showed some instances and i really liked what they showed. Wowinsider already told a bit about the Occultus in which you can grab a drake, each with different skills (healing, tank, dps) and you can then assume a different role. These drakes can fly in the instance and you can do bosses in different orders this way.
The other instance was based on the Titans story, resulting in a huge instance with enormous mobs.. it reminded me a bit of Mordor, think the instance was called Ulduar or something. (me and my bad memory)

I'm hoping to show you some more stuff later on once i've checked all the pictures that i've made, just wish i had a better camera. Anyway, i truely felt the vibe and enthousiasm of the other people there and i enjoyed myself very much. I'm kind of hoping a next invitational will be near to my place again, perhaps at our neighbours in Germany? I can recommend anyone who can afford it to go attend, if only for the feeling of being normal for a change amongst all those fellow addicts.