Friday, May 30

Becomming a Guild hopper

Like i've probably mentioned here before, i'm a pretty faithfull guy guildwise. On my main i've just been in two different guilds and both for a loooong time.
My alts however often turn out differently... at first i go around unguilded, enjoying the peace and quiet for a change.. but after a while i start missing something aswell as getting annoyed with random guildinvites. Besides that getting some good people for low level instances is a pain aswell.
So i start experimenting.

If there isn't someone spamming about their great tabard and guildbank in the starterzone, i try General Chat myself and see who wants me. Often i get a whisper back straight away and join that guild, those random inviting me without me asking for a spot first will get declined anyway.
The time i stay is highly dependend on the guild, think 4 days might be the record tho..
Sometimes you enter such a guild and you know straight away that this was a bad idea, at other times there are some fun people but they aren't online that much leaving you behind with the reading impaired or emo kids crying for boosts to instance X.
Soon you wonder if there isn't anything better so you thank everyone for the great time you've had together (insert dose of sarcasm here) but that the roads have to part here looking forward to greater adventures. Most of the time you get no response anyway.

After that it's waiting till the next guild comes around, i often pick one up after running an instance and getting an invite to join afterwards. These are often the guilds i manage to stick with slightly longer. Either way often there is still something that's missing (or something there is simply too much of) and i find myself gquiting once again and bringing yet another alt into my Main's guild. Home sweet home so to say.

My Horde Warlock doesn't have such a homebase (yet?) however. So yesterday she took the plunge and left the guild which was made by two friends but who were simply rarely online. Without any problem she was invited into a guild who was supposed to have cleared Karazhan.
Now i want to give them a fair chance but i wasn't really impressed with most of my guildmembers sofar, it reminded me alot of my first guild which had quite a lot of junior members... not a bad thing necessarily but there should be a healthy dose on adultness available aswell. Perhaps i caugth them at a bad time or maybe i'm just getting old but i had a hard time to relate.
I'm not giving up yet though, sofar this guild has more members then any guild i've ever been in with my Lock and there must be people in there who i have more in common with, perhaps my love of running instances. Worst case scenario i'm leaving them in a week or so and then i will see where i end up, i might just become a Guild hopper for awhile till my Horde home comes around.
Just hope i haven't ruined my good name by then by looking like a unfaithfull guy or worse, wearing a guild's name with a bad reputation for a while.

Thursday, May 29

Living two lives

I'm torn between two factions.. at one side i'm a nice Nightelf Hunter happily raiding Black Temple and such on which i call my main. On the other hand i'm an evil looking Bloodelf who hates nothing as much as NE Hunter, probably an old grudge left over from Stranglethorn Vale.
Both feel that the most fun ingame is comparing their skill with others and trying to overcoming obstacles and encounters in dungeons, eventho my Belf is on a pvp server.. pvp is not her thing. Perhaps she's the one horde who doesn't enjoy ganking lowbies and sees pvp battles (winning or losing) as a mere waste of time but in an unpleasant way, even if she gets a handfull of honor for it.. exchangeable for some purple colored pixels at the local Wallmart.

My Belf is jealous, yeah she is. But she is an evil Warlock so she is allowed to have negative feelings okay? She longs for a guild which accepts her for who she is, a fun and somewhat skilled lock but with not enough time to run 3-4 raids a week as her alterego needs to do that already. A guild in which she can come along on some raids to low level content (Kara, Gruul, Mag... that sort of stuff) on days their the NE Hunter isn't in control of the strings.
A guild that has enough members to find some people for an occassional run, Heroics even.. don't mind if it are not the best players because i get those in pugs aswell but at least i don't stand arround in Shattrah looking pretty (which goes with little effort ofc) and waiting for one that doesn't require a T6 lock.

Perhaps she should kill the NE in his sleep someday as she knows that if he would be out of the picture and all focus would be on her, she could likely convince a raidguild to get her in so she could catch up and then do TK and SSC. That is, if not the other NE would step up ofcourse as there is also a NE Prot Warrior sharing a bunk with the Hunter... in friends type of way ofcourse, not in a pegging way at all. Seriously!

The Belf Lock is in a small guild with an handfull of friends.. most of which aint been online for weeks and one just a few times a week. She finds herself joining a Kara pug once a week, often with bad results and only getting her saved to it and then handing over the steering till the next reset.
So she had an idea to at least maximise her time, find herself a new guild!
Now that is aswell the tricky part.. she can't commit to a guild as the hunter does to his guild, so she needs to find a more flexible guild. Choices are quite limited, the good guilds aren't very likely to take in a half-epic lock with little time on her hands. You can imagen she is willing to make some sacrifices at this point and try whatever is coming her way, even if that means "abbandoning" her friends.
The one good thing the NE Hunter did was share his knowledge of instances all the way up to Illidan, perhaps that will give her some leverage when joining those less progressed guilds.. having someone allong who knows most of the tricks can be quite valuable, just hope they will agree.

Today she will wear her prettiest dress, make sure her demon is washed and nice smelling for a change, all the shards in her bag contain the prettiest souls and write that apply.
Keep your fingers crossed for her, if this works out i'm sure we soon will have a book full of thrilling new adventures.

Wednesday, May 28

That Epic Hunter

We've had a couple of new members lately coming from other guilds, since we are part of the top raidguilds on our server (8th of over 70, 6th when just looking at Alliance) we get more and more applies streaming in. Not just for openings but just random applies aswell.
As now and then a member quits the game or decides to go a more casual way we do need to recruit fresh raiders so now and then a new soul enters guildchat. Which made me think of saying goodbye.

I'm a pretty faithfull guy, think my girlfriend appreciates as well but i was actually refering to my guild. However i wasn't always in my current guild, the guild before this one was the one i joined in the open beta and i sticked with them for the next year and a half.
In that time i made it from regular noob to appreciated member to Raidleader to Councillor but there was simply too much to do as an officer which really killed my fun in the game. I feel i've gone great lengths to help my guildies as much as i could but i just had to step away from it all to not drive myself mental at a certain point. As i knew i would still get involved if i simply stepped down to being a regular member i decided to quit the guild.
I did have a place to go tho as i had build up some connections with other players in a different guild... when the majority of that guild split of to build their own Utopia (actually the name of the new guild) i decided to join this friendly bunch and try to find back the fun in Wow.
Raidwise they were on par so i didn't need to skip any content.
Anyway quiting my first guild quite pained me.. i even stayed around a week after announcing my leave to wrap up things and lead some more raids till everything was carried over to a couple of fresh officers. Most weren't happy with me leaving and a couple even held a grudge to me for that.
For a long time i tried to keep in touch with the members in this guild but after a while just too much had changed and nowadays it's just not the guild i helped build anymore, not worse tho... just different and filled with loads of people i simply do not know, most of the people i leveled with have joined other guilds, quit the game, rerolled horde or left the server.

The guild Utopía i joined was reformed when TBC arrived to set things straight so we would be ready to become more raidorientated, the new name became Elysium which i am still a part of. Throughout the last two years we even recruited a bunch of people from different guilds who where original in my first guild and with who i leveled up or raided Molten Core with for the first year, mostly old officers like me now i think of it.

One of the first runs i did with my new guild was Zul'Gurub and while i was in one party, a friend who came along to the new guild was in an other. There was a Hunter in his party who asked the others in his party "Who is this Epic Hunter?" refering to me as my gear was pretty good at that time.. not much people had full Giantstalker and the Rhok (apart from the 2 top raidguilds who were enjoying themselves in BWL) so i guess i made an impression. Still makes me smile.

I'm still glad up untill this day that i made the hard choice to say goodbye and became part of this fine guild, change can be good.
Just make sure you have a good place to go before splitting on your old guild and try to leave in good order, you never know when you might want to go back ;)

Monday, May 26


After a week of sun in Tunesia i expected to be able to blog a bit but i've been quite busy getting the garden in shape aswell, apart from a healthy dose of Wow ofcourse.
Today i'm back at work so expect my blogging to be back in it's original state, hope i didn't disappoint too many of my readers. ;)

What happened in Azeroth the last two weeks for me? My guild managed to down Illidan, the final big badass in the Outlands and i was lucky enough to be a part of it. Too be honest i didn't expect i would be part of a group seeing this content when i first set foot on Outland's soil but we've come a looong way.
On our way up we managed to surpass quite a few other guilds with more end-game raidexperience... about all the bosses we killed was done without a single member ever doing the fight before. I can tell you i'm quite proud of this group, (about) all excellent players which are also good fun to be around with.

In my horde life i've managed to achieve a bit aswell. My little lock has had some adventures in Karazhan ánd Gruul's Liar... the last Kara run i did i was even first on the meters while my gear wasn't nearly as purple as the others. I also did a few heroics but it's still quite hard getting a pug together, even a crappy one.
Gearwise it's starting to look like something aswell. I managed to get my Shadoweave set together finally (bitch was getting Tailoring at 375), buy myself a nice offhand from Heroic Badges, get bracers from the Huntsman and a Neck from Kara trash. This brings the total of epics to 6 which aint half bad for a toon which nows little to none people and is not in a guild able to run instances or do raids.
My need for cash aint quite high on this toon so without a need to grind or do quests there is little to do on this toon however, which results in waiting in Shatt for hours till i finally get a pug together to some instance... makes me wish i created this lock on my own server and on Alliance side so it could benefit from my connections.

I promise better blogging later this week and less "dear diary" ;)

Thursday, May 1

AFK :)

Finally,... it's time for a break! I'm off to a sunny country the next 8 days and after that i will have some time at home to get the Garden in shape, more like reallife grinding come to think of it.

So no blogging the next 8 days and likely things are going to be a bit slow the week after that, just so you know. I know, i know.. it will be hard but try to be strong. It's not you, it's me.. honest!

Cya in a week or so. ;)