Thursday, February 5

Ending it.

It was to be expected after so much time with no new posts... i'm ending it.
The reason? More then one i suppose.

While i had a great time getting to 80 in the WotLK expansion, i found my time to post limited. Once i did have the time i had minimized my Wow time that inspiration was at an all time low.
I find myself logging on a lot less then i used to, mostly just to get on time to raid.
Yesterday i stepped down as an officer aswell... while i was still active on the forums i often ended up in heated discussions/fights to try to get the guild in the direction i thought was right. (wasn't alone there luckily)
So to not drive myself insane it figured it was time to do what i felt was best for me and went back to being a regular member, something i tried to do before but there was too much to be sorted still.. while now most things are close to completion.
Quite a load fell of my shoulders, just hope it didn't land on someone elses :P

I'm guessing i will slowly get more fun out of playing Wow now i start to see it like a game again instead of a second job. Otherwise i suppose i just focus a bit more recent found hobby; Warhammer 40k.
Thus far i've only assembled and painted some models, perhaps i won't like the game itsself... but otherwise there is always the faithfull TV with my savings of series like BSG, SG-1, Supernatural, TSCC, etcetera.
Perhaps my Xbox requires some attention aswell, plenty to do for a nerd like me. ;)

Anyway, thanks for reading all and wishing you fun in the virtual world of Azeroth aswell as the world out there!


Anonymous said...

Playing without the added stress of being an officer should allow for more relaxation :)

I love being a casual player because my time is dictated by myself, no one else. Spend a night fishing? Sure! Go on runs with RL friends "just because" and not for loot whoring? Awesome!

Best of luck on your "regular member" status. It may be hard to take a less impressive role in the guild, but if you have confidence in the officers, all shall be well.


Wow Panda said...

I hardly get an whole hour playing wow under wife argo, most of the time is a minute here and aother minute there. Xbox has been lost in the corner for a long time now, but we do have the same taste on SG1/BSG. A lot of time there since no argo (appears to me only computer stuff generates argo).

cheers and best of luck finding new loves.

Darksaturn7 said...

Thanks for your helpful posts! I was a reader for a short while, but as the popular saying goes RL>WoW. Hope the issues with you and your guild work out, and that weather or not you continue to play around in Azeroth, that you have fun in what you do.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog and I hate to see it go. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Ya know...My x-box looks a little dusty too =P


xbox 360 repair said...

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Starets Sayas said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know I pulled a quote from your post here for my new blog at Glad you were able to escape an in game situation that was making it less enjoyable for you.

Tuna said...

Too much WoW is never good for you. I've been giving my XBox a lot more love lately instead of being on WoW all the time.

Hope you enjoy your time out of Azeroth!

Anonymous said...

Please find help for you and the people like you.

Exanimo said...

That addiction site made me lol.
Can imagen people are addicted to playing games but that's probably because they are trying to escape the outside world.
The problem imho is not Wow but their surroundings...

And no, i'm not in denial ;)
Think i log on 2 to 3 times a week for 3-4hours tops which is nowhere close to were it was before.
I've always said i could just as easy not play Wow and i would only play it as long as it was fun, guess i was right all along.