Tuesday, August 28

Getting Hacked

Okay, grab a cup of hot coco and come sit closer to the fire... it's time for a Horror story! MWOEHAHAHAHAhaha.. ha..
It happened about a year ago, i could slap myself for not taking care and keeping my firewall up and running.. keeping my scanners up to date and stuff like that.
I came home from work and decided to log on, my password wasnt changed so there was no problem as of yet so the game loaded and WHAM! there was my characterscreen and my Tier2 filled Hunter was totaly nakid! It felt like a knive went to my heart and i entered the game.
While the game was loading i knew what was going on but i still hoped someone was pulling a prank and just removed all the gear into my bags.
But when i entered the game it was obvious: i got Hacked :((
When writing this i still feel sad as i still feel i lost something there.. not just some materials i can never get back but i felt violated aswell.

I shared it with the guild which were very helpfull again and offered me all sort of help and money, i wasn't the first one in the guild that got hacked which made the pain easier to share for some reason. A ticket was made and the waiting began. While my guild raided BWL i was hiding somewhere outside IF as i felt ashamed running around naked.. Hours went by and still no answer, the next day i found a post in my ingame mailbox they were looking into it... so more waiting was to be expected.
Another long day went by of waiting and again i got some ingame mail.. good news this time: i would get my gear back. At least this would get me back into the raiding game.
The bad news was they only gave me gear back for my two level 60 characters.. not for my level 56 warrior which i planned to get 60 five days laters, i even had him some Epic gear already. My level 29 semi-twink Rogue didnt get any stuff back either and some items were unreplaceable as they were questrewards.

My guild loaned me plenty of gold and helped my with getting my gear enchanted again, i felt warm and fuzzy inside and again ashame for being so dependend.
Altho i lost loads of stuff, Blizz did gave me all my gear back.. not just my T2 but also T1 and other banked gear. (no tradeskill items, just gear) For some reason the BOE epics i wore earlier weren't soulbound anymore and with pain in my heart i placed most of them on AH (even tho i didnt wear most of them anymore,.. except for the gear on my Moonkin which i sacrificed for the good of my main) so i was able to repay everyone within a week.
I even had some money left, not anywhere close to the 2k i saved up (was already saving up for the flying mount) but still a nice amount to start tBC with.

The funny thing is.. this hacker almost helped me getting of my WoW addiction. I was already looking for a different game to play, City of Heroes for example.
I guess this blog would have been less WoW related then, if i still would be able to call myself an addict? Who knows.

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The Eternal n00bie said...

My story is almost the same. Except I was dumb enough to use a user name and password I had used on another site and I think that is how they hacked it. I also only had one character at the time.

My wife, who is not a real big fan of how much time I spend in game, was appalled at how fast I faxed proof of my identity to Blizzard in order to restore the account.

And I also had lost of help from guildies and wound up vendoring much of the gear I got restored.