Wednesday, September 3

Wow can be an emotional ride

A singleplayer game aint half bad when you think of it.. it's just you playing the game and the chances of getting too emotional is quite small. Sure you can get frustrated by dieing and dieing constantly and not gething any further or even of a couple of bugs, but thats about it.

But when playing a game like Wow in which you encounter other people you've entered a whole different league. You'll encounter jerks and jackasses, arrogant assholes, oversensitive whiners, overenthousiastic achievers and who knows what more.
Depending on your own state of mind you'll get annoyed with others or even angry with them... which is likely the best case scenario.
The worse seems to be to get hurt... you are a hero in this fantasy game and you don't want to hear that you did something wrong.
You are perhaps hiding from the real world and the worst that can happen then is your self-image getting shattered, even if it is just a virtual self-image it's one you've worked hard to build.
Getting told by someone in a pug that you are a noob for making a mistake can be handled, what does that guy know about you anyway huh?
Sure you've should handeled that otherwise but a person can't be judged on a single event.
Things realy hit you in the face if it is said by someone who you consider a friend, even if it's a virtual friend... that must be quite a blow to take if you are willing to accept it in the first place.

This risk of getting hurt is probably taken by people as it can work the other way around as well. Playing with other people can be quite rewarding aswell, present you with unexpected things which can make your day. You can share thoughts if you are worried about something, you can get cheered up when you are sad, you can laugh your head off joking around and you can have a great feeling of achievement working together with others and succeeding at a common goal.
Ofcourse you can play Wow alone aswell, you can do quite a bit of content solo... but still you will encounter some jerks but frustration might be limited to a minimum anyway.

In the end it's alot like in real life again... if you go out there and open your heart you are more likely to find love and friendship but you have more chances of getting hurt aswell. It's your choice if you want to take the same risks when playing a computer game.

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