Tuesday, September 30

Bringing back an old friend

Until recently my main was my Hunter since the very beginning of Wow, it is on this toon that i have made the best memories.
One of those memories is of a bear i tamed when i was leveling in Feralas, not sure why.. perhaps i needed his new petskill or perhaps i had a crappy pet before that (i tried quite a few). Bear just wouldn't do for a name so i named him straight away with the first thing that came to my mind: Bigfoot!
Not because he looked like a yeti but of his big paws, yeah ok, it was a crappy name.. i realised that soonish myself.

But the name grew on me i suppose and Bigfoot stayed more levels with me then any other pet, it even went along with me into Molten Core where it later went to fetch Core Packs when the rest of the raid was awaiting them around the corner... good bear! /pat
Bigfoot was well known among our raiders, many of the guildmembers had seen him before during 5 man runs when we were still leveling and at level 60.

As i became a more serious Hunter i had to replace him with a different pet, one who did more damage so Bigfoot got a spot in the stable. Many months later when i was already level 70 Bigfoot was still there as a level 60 bear, i required a stableslot and as i had a Cat for dps and a Boar for tanking... i had to let Bigfoot go.
I released him in the middle of Shattrah, just hope he didn't cause to much havok before he found the exit.

Soon we will be able to buy extra stable slots and pets tamed will be instantly within 5 levels of the Hunter. One of the first things i am going to do is return to Feralas and tame me a bear on the exact same spot as i first met my most faithfull companion... it might not be the same bear but i'd like to pretend it is.. or maybe one of his offspring.
And i shall name him.... Bigfoot!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous still lurves you even though you curse his evil posts.

Wow Panda said...

Hmmm, I always thought pets are the same I guess they are not?? I love some pets (boar etc) because they has a charge ability, that stuns the target, but never noticed so many differents. I saw people having flying pets too, that must be dps pets as well then.

Exanimo said...

Pre-boar-nerf the Charge a boar did added attackpower to it's openinggrowl, creating massive threat. Before that none of the tank pets stood out... i say tankpet but difference was quite minimal, just a few percentage.

Next patch there will rly be tank, dps and utility pets. :)
The flyers will be either dps or utility pets after that i think altho i need to do some more homework for that first. ;)
Apart from that flying pet's are a melee worst nightmare, flap flap flap.