Monday, May 26


After a week of sun in Tunesia i expected to be able to blog a bit but i've been quite busy getting the garden in shape aswell, apart from a healthy dose of Wow ofcourse.
Today i'm back at work so expect my blogging to be back in it's original state, hope i didn't disappoint too many of my readers. ;)

What happened in Azeroth the last two weeks for me? My guild managed to down Illidan, the final big badass in the Outlands and i was lucky enough to be a part of it. Too be honest i didn't expect i would be part of a group seeing this content when i first set foot on Outland's soil but we've come a looong way.
On our way up we managed to surpass quite a few other guilds with more end-game raidexperience... about all the bosses we killed was done without a single member ever doing the fight before. I can tell you i'm quite proud of this group, (about) all excellent players which are also good fun to be around with.

In my horde life i've managed to achieve a bit aswell. My little lock has had some adventures in Karazhan ánd Gruul's Liar... the last Kara run i did i was even first on the meters while my gear wasn't nearly as purple as the others. I also did a few heroics but it's still quite hard getting a pug together, even a crappy one.
Gearwise it's starting to look like something aswell. I managed to get my Shadoweave set together finally (bitch was getting Tailoring at 375), buy myself a nice offhand from Heroic Badges, get bracers from the Huntsman and a Neck from Kara trash. This brings the total of epics to 6 which aint half bad for a toon which nows little to none people and is not in a guild able to run instances or do raids.
My need for cash aint quite high on this toon so without a need to grind or do quests there is little to do on this toon however, which results in waiting in Shatt for hours till i finally get a pug together to some instance... makes me wish i created this lock on my own server and on Alliance side so it could benefit from my connections.

I promise better blogging later this week and less "dear diary" ;)

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