Thursday, May 29

Living two lives

I'm torn between two factions.. at one side i'm a nice Nightelf Hunter happily raiding Black Temple and such on which i call my main. On the other hand i'm an evil looking Bloodelf who hates nothing as much as NE Hunter, probably an old grudge left over from Stranglethorn Vale.
Both feel that the most fun ingame is comparing their skill with others and trying to overcoming obstacles and encounters in dungeons, eventho my Belf is on a pvp server.. pvp is not her thing. Perhaps she's the one horde who doesn't enjoy ganking lowbies and sees pvp battles (winning or losing) as a mere waste of time but in an unpleasant way, even if she gets a handfull of honor for it.. exchangeable for some purple colored pixels at the local Wallmart.

My Belf is jealous, yeah she is. But she is an evil Warlock so she is allowed to have negative feelings okay? She longs for a guild which accepts her for who she is, a fun and somewhat skilled lock but with not enough time to run 3-4 raids a week as her alterego needs to do that already. A guild in which she can come along on some raids to low level content (Kara, Gruul, Mag... that sort of stuff) on days their the NE Hunter isn't in control of the strings.
A guild that has enough members to find some people for an occassional run, Heroics even.. don't mind if it are not the best players because i get those in pugs aswell but at least i don't stand arround in Shattrah looking pretty (which goes with little effort ofc) and waiting for one that doesn't require a T6 lock.

Perhaps she should kill the NE in his sleep someday as she knows that if he would be out of the picture and all focus would be on her, she could likely convince a raidguild to get her in so she could catch up and then do TK and SSC. That is, if not the other NE would step up ofcourse as there is also a NE Prot Warrior sharing a bunk with the Hunter... in friends type of way ofcourse, not in a pegging way at all. Seriously!

The Belf Lock is in a small guild with an handfull of friends.. most of which aint been online for weeks and one just a few times a week. She finds herself joining a Kara pug once a week, often with bad results and only getting her saved to it and then handing over the steering till the next reset.
So she had an idea to at least maximise her time, find herself a new guild!
Now that is aswell the tricky part.. she can't commit to a guild as the hunter does to his guild, so she needs to find a more flexible guild. Choices are quite limited, the good guilds aren't very likely to take in a half-epic lock with little time on her hands. You can imagen she is willing to make some sacrifices at this point and try whatever is coming her way, even if that means "abbandoning" her friends.
The one good thing the NE Hunter did was share his knowledge of instances all the way up to Illidan, perhaps that will give her some leverage when joining those less progressed guilds.. having someone allong who knows most of the tricks can be quite valuable, just hope they will agree.

Today she will wear her prettiest dress, make sure her demon is washed and nice smelling for a change, all the shards in her bag contain the prettiest souls and write that apply.
Keep your fingers crossed for her, if this works out i'm sure we soon will have a book full of thrilling new adventures.

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