Friday, May 30

Becomming a Guild hopper

Like i've probably mentioned here before, i'm a pretty faithfull guy guildwise. On my main i've just been in two different guilds and both for a loooong time.
My alts however often turn out differently... at first i go around unguilded, enjoying the peace and quiet for a change.. but after a while i start missing something aswell as getting annoyed with random guildinvites. Besides that getting some good people for low level instances is a pain aswell.
So i start experimenting.

If there isn't someone spamming about their great tabard and guildbank in the starterzone, i try General Chat myself and see who wants me. Often i get a whisper back straight away and join that guild, those random inviting me without me asking for a spot first will get declined anyway.
The time i stay is highly dependend on the guild, think 4 days might be the record tho..
Sometimes you enter such a guild and you know straight away that this was a bad idea, at other times there are some fun people but they aren't online that much leaving you behind with the reading impaired or emo kids crying for boosts to instance X.
Soon you wonder if there isn't anything better so you thank everyone for the great time you've had together (insert dose of sarcasm here) but that the roads have to part here looking forward to greater adventures. Most of the time you get no response anyway.

After that it's waiting till the next guild comes around, i often pick one up after running an instance and getting an invite to join afterwards. These are often the guilds i manage to stick with slightly longer. Either way often there is still something that's missing (or something there is simply too much of) and i find myself gquiting once again and bringing yet another alt into my Main's guild. Home sweet home so to say.

My Horde Warlock doesn't have such a homebase (yet?) however. So yesterday she took the plunge and left the guild which was made by two friends but who were simply rarely online. Without any problem she was invited into a guild who was supposed to have cleared Karazhan.
Now i want to give them a fair chance but i wasn't really impressed with most of my guildmembers sofar, it reminded me alot of my first guild which had quite a lot of junior members... not a bad thing necessarily but there should be a healthy dose on adultness available aswell. Perhaps i caugth them at a bad time or maybe i'm just getting old but i had a hard time to relate.
I'm not giving up yet though, sofar this guild has more members then any guild i've ever been in with my Lock and there must be people in there who i have more in common with, perhaps my love of running instances. Worst case scenario i'm leaving them in a week or so and then i will see where i end up, i might just become a Guild hopper for awhile till my Horde home comes around.
Just hope i haven't ruined my good name by then by looking like a unfaithfull guy or worse, wearing a guild's name with a bad reputation for a while.

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