Thursday, October 2

Blizzard ruined my Alt experience

I've been a bit bored with Wow the last few weeks... i guess that's not a new sight for people these days, hopefully that will be solved soon.
But what i'd normally do when i've got nothing to do is start an alt, or continue an old lower level one and kill some time on that.
Do a few quests, run a couple of low level instances... perhaps even boost myself on my second account. ^.^ (playing with myself again)
But since a while i feel screwed over, i'll tell you why.

You go to your local Electronics store and you buy a brand new Television... brand or type or size doesn't matter, you pick. I pay the thing happy with what i got and as i tuck away the receit this guy approuches the counter and tells the guy behind the register that he wants to buy that same tv. "Why sure!" the cassier says, "and you're in luck.. it's 15% off now!". WTF? I just bought that thing for full price? Why should he pay less for the same thing?
Now that is how leveling alts makes me feel. I don't want to be doing twice the work someone else is doing for the same result.
In case you have no idea what i'm talking about, just a while ago Blizzard introduced another recruitment program where you can invite a friend (or get a second account) which will give you Triple experience while questing with that friend/main account. "Just" for 3 months yeah but thats plenty of time for many people to get a toon to level 60.
How typical this system was announced just 2 weeks after i get a second account aswell, makes it even more sour.

So that is how Blizzard ruined my alt experience... like hell i'm going to start another toon and get passed by constantly! I'm sure if i would start a toon anyway they will change things again once i've reached 60, i'm thát paranoid now! Okay, okay... it's about the fun, true... but everyone who leveled to 70 at least once knows there are just some level-ranges or area's which are a pain to level through. If i could go by those three times as fast, that would make leveling a lot more fun i think.
Until that time comes when they sooth my potential frustration i'll stick to playing my 60+ alts and if i want to start a new alt anyway it will be a Deathknight (soon) which skips most of the triple-experience content anyway.


Anonymous said...

You know that with the upcoming 3.0 patch you get more XP for leveling in outland? :-)

Exanimo said...

Yup, although i don't expect to go alting a high level anytime soon.
I do have level 64 Druid stuck in Zangermarsch for 8months or so, just got bored with him.
But who knows... perhaps i'll get tired of the rep grind which keeps me busy atm ;)
(at 49 mounts atm!!!)

xhtml coding said...

well i am just starting to play wow

Herc said...

I got the wife to play WoW thru RaF program. Right now we have almost 5 lvl 60s. Big reason I'm sucking it up to level them is I don't wanna go thru the pain of leveling a toon 1-80 if I decided to try another alt.

At least if I start at lvl 60 it's less time to get to max level. But now I dunno what to do with all the levels I can grant ...

Herc said...

P.S. good luck on ur mount quest!