Tuesday, October 21

Im so tired

Noticed my postcount drop? I've been busy at work for a while and although i got some more time now i can't get myself back into blogging.
I made a number of posts all neatly together in my Outlook Concepts folder but none fully completed. Before i manage to finish it i get distracted (either by work or i simply lose concentration) and i never continue the post. (at this point i wonder if i will even put this one up)
Are my posts so bad i don't dare publish them? Well... not much worse then before and nothing stopped me then.

At first i thought it had to do something to do with being just a bit tired with Wow like most of the people i know, pre-expansion depression so to speak.
But since the latest patch there is loads to do (mostly achievement wise) and Wow is suddenly crowded again, people waiting in line to get on the server crowded even. Is my desire to blog returning now? Nope... not rly.

But that's not the only thing i've lost.... lately i've lost interest in reading up on Wow stuff on the internet, i've lost interest in raiding (even with the new super overpowered talents and all), i have to force myself to work on officer matters on the forums and i haven't read a boss tactic since the first SWP boss (and we're on KJ now).
Perhaps the little guy in the back of my head is telling me it's all no use anymore as soon there is loads of fun to be had in Northrend, maybe i shouldn't have tried out the beta afterall (didn't level on purpose).

I log in after work and log out within 10minutes most of the time and watch some of the SciFi series i've gathered (Stargate Atlantis atm) till it's time to raid.
Then i log in and pray they don't need me so i can get back to the couch and watch some more TV... if i'm asked to help i do so ofcourse but if i'm asked to stay on backup i'm off straigth away. Not interested in the backup DKP i get and constantly pausing my series to check if they killed the next boss already and might need me or not is quite annoying, it's like constantly checking out you Alarm if it's time to get up for work already (and you turned the alarm off before instead of snoozing it).

Will i get filled with excitement once i enter Northrend? Would be nice. Will i get back to my nearly daily blogging? Not sure anyone cares but as long as i blog i don't browse the internet for useless gimmicks, electronica and comics to order on-line so blogging will actually save me money.
(Ordered for € 60,- worth of comics already and been browsing for a electronic window screen for about € 380,- and a new phone for € 190,- If i don't think of a new hobby soon i'll bankrupt)
I actually wanted to tell you i was quiting with this blog but i'll guess i'll wait a few more weeks before making it official, perhaps after November the 13th (WotLK release) i'm back delivering high quality (yeah riiight) blog posts three times a week.

To be continued....


Anthony said...

Love the blog, hang in there.

Michael said...

Same here. Love reading your stuff.