Friday, October 3

Officer because you're forced to

I was reading this post on Wowinsider a while ago about guildmembers paying taxes to the guildbank to assure an income for the bank.
Someone else took it a step further and requested special mounts or something for guildmasters/officers from Blizz (i guess he thought the taxes would go to them aswell instead of benefit the guild) as payment for their work which doesn't give any physical reward for it.
An other person reacted on that saying officers shouldn't get rewarded at all.. they want to be officer, they want to be in charge, they want the extra work... or they wouldn't do it in the first place!
Ooooooow.. how i disagreed there (with both actually).

I've had this discussion before when someone gave me hell and when people defended me that i was doing all this stuff for the guild he said that it was because i wanted to.
You can read this full story after above link but in short i didn't want to become an officer at all... my help was needed, the guild needed me.
I had been an officer before in the previous guild and i knew quite well how much mork and even more trouble being an officer could bring. Let me tell you... the benefits are totaly not worth the ammount of crap you have to endure... Too be honest, besides an extra chatbox there aren't any benefits i can think of right away. Respect? Pfff.... you don't need to be an officer to earn respect, it's your actions. I would even say it is more likely to farm disrespect as an officers, i'm sure some people in my guild rather see me jump of a cliff because of the way i treated them in name of the guild.

Personally i find airing my thoughts and ideas on the officer forum the only reward i get... don't get me wrong, it's nice to be able to shape something to your liking but sometimes i wonder if it's worth the trouble you get in return.
Am i forced to be an officer? Well... it's not like someone is holding a gun against my head but i do feel obliged. If i wouldn't be an officer i might be able to stick my head in the sand thinking there are plenty of other capable people sorting things. But as i am an officer i know how much those people have to do and quiting the job will mean what i do (not much compared to others tho) needs to be picked up by the remaining officers and that there will be one less person active fixing and preventing problems.

A short while ago i hit bottom; too much to do at work, not enjoying raids when i did manage to come raid and just experiencing the pre-expansion burn-out.
I resigned as an officer.
It didn't last long tho.... an other officer resigned later that day and quit Wow altogether to play War where i just wanted to step back.
So i felt obliged once again, yay me. Some others suggested me to just hang back for a bit till i had some more time again and soft of will as i was i chose that path. Ofcourse it didn't take long before i was reading the forums again and trying to contribute where possible.
If we could open up a can of willing and able officers i'd probably step back today but untill we find our canopener i'm dragging my feet into the officerquarters.
Anyway... don't go tell me i am an officer because i want to. I'm an officer because i choose to!