Tuesday, January 29

My Second Officer Mistake

Part two of this series (and the end unless i make more horrible mistakes later on), first one here.

The Burning Crusade had hit us and most of our members had reached 70 and we restarted raiding again. As we used to raid 40man instances before (this was in my second guild btw which is still the guild i am in today, i'm a pretty faithfull guy i suppose) we had plenty of people to make two Karazhan raidgroups. 20 places for 50+ people was kind of tricky (we lost a few raiders in the start of TBC) so we had thought of a couple of rules to try and make things fair to our members. We had tried various rules and raid priorities actually and we were using what we called "the seat-system" at that point.
Basicly if you helped clear to a certain boss in Karazhan you would get priority to get you seat back next raid to avoid others getting to the good stuff while you did the work. You needed to be there on time ofcourse.
At the start of a fresh instance we would try to give people priority who missed out last week as long as balance would allow it.
You can imagen we would still need to disappoint quite a few members each raid and the job of a Raidleader is a pretty tough one at that those moments.

I was setting my raid up as i was the Raidleader of one of those two groups. We were still saved so the people who joined us earlier had priority, i invited those people along with the essential ones. After that i had 1 spot left and i had 3 rogues as option, let's call them A, B and C. Rogue A was along last raid but he left early and i replaced him with a healer (probably for Maiden), that healer was the one who got in again as he was last one in that seat. Rogue B had left early the last few times and i prefered someone who could stay till the end for a change so i checked with Rogue C if he was going to stay till the planned time and he did so he got the job. So far so good and it seemed we were set to go.
But then the drama bomb landed: An officer started complaining in the officer channel that he didn't get a spot again, he went totaly crazy imo and didn't respond much to reason as i remember it... The reason he didn't get an invite was that he wasn't saved this week and he wasn't needed either as we had enough of his class already. He had a different view on things tho, he passed his spot at the beginning of the week for someone else and in his opinion he deserved a raidspot just as much.
Remember the stress story from my previous post? I hadn't had a nice day and the evening wasn't much better so once again i snapped.
I invited that guy into the raid, made him Raidleader, left the Raid myself wishing them good luck and logged onto an alt.
By the time i relogged and came back into the officerchannel he was going totaly beserk... my action didn't fall too well with him. :) (yeah i can laught about it now, took me a while tho) Shortly after he did his /gquit.
People asked me to log back onto my main and do the Karazhan run and eventho i didn't feel like it any more i still did it.

But wait, we aint there yet. My GF was on teamspeak and heared someone who was often very quiet go mental there.. talking or more yelling about me behind my back. Ofcourse i logged on and had to take some verbal abuse with which i totaly didn't agree.
The stupid thing was: this didn't go so much about "giving" my spot to the other officer which resulted in him guild quiting but about me being unfair?
WTF? Me being unfair? Apparently i invited Rogue C over the other two as he was a friend of mine... i only had seen that guy once in my life!
Rogue B who didn't get the spot either i had seen the same ammount of times but i had contact with him ingame alot longer then with Rogue C.
And why didn't i invite Rogue A then? Well he lost his seat when he bailed on the raid early, besides he didn't even bother to show at Karazhan but was still somewhere in the Outlands... how the hell am i supposed to know he wants to raid or not? I'm sure as hell not going to whisper each and every person if he wants to come or not, enough stuff to do.
The next morning i made a post on this topic again, hoping that guy would be more reasonable by now and would understand it better if it was on writing.
I also told him i was heavily offended by his accusations and i didn't want to have him in my raid ever again if possible, but trying to be professional about it i would have no choice other then giving him a raidspot anyway.

The flaming started and once again the people agreed with me, the whole "i forced the officer to gquit" 9who got back invited a week or so later) wasn't even part of the discussion.... just me being unfair and giving a friend an unfair advantage. I got praise from fellow officers and members alike for all the effort i had done and they wholeheartedly disagreed with what my name-less offender had said about me, the flame quickly turned against him as he remained to be abusive.
It went quiet for a couple of days as both this guy and me had lost the appetite of playing this game and didn't bothered to show.
After that he said he was sorry for what he had said and that he had been wrong. Altho i guess i could kind of see this of a victory i don't feel like that at all.. i had a couple of terrible days and i still get myself worked up thinking or writing about it.

Did something good come out of this aswell? I did feel appreciated by most people anyway and i'm still an officer in this guild so i haven't been broken.
We as officers also tried to invent new methods of prioritizing members, making it easier for raidleaders to setup a raid and make it more understandeable why someone is sitting out (hopefully). The guild has reformed under a new name in which progress we did lose a few people who weren't as focused on raiding as we wanted them to.
It makes me feel like a bad person but i'm still happy both the flamer as the gquited officer didn't come to our "new" guild.
Yeah life is pretty good in our lovely home nowadays.


Matticus said...

Good story, but tough pill to swallow at times. Being a leader can be troubling at times especially when everyone's second guessing your decision. The best way to fight bad information is with good information. Sometimes an explanation of your actions objectively is all that's needed.

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