Thursday, July 10

While the corpse is still fresh

We've run into something weird this week... Guild corpse camping i suppose you could call it.

Let me start with explaining the situation on recruitment: We never adress people in other guilds, ever! People simply come to us if they want to join us.
Apart from the idea that we don't like poachers it also makes sure that we get people who actually have made up their mind theirselves that they want to join us. As we cleared Black Temple and as an added bonus our good name, we do get our share of skilled players to apply.

But now with the holidays and the pre-expansion down we are in need of a few extra raiders. As our guild is build on more then just progress but on friendship and fun aswell, we have very few leavers. Actually we only need extra people as current members are stepping back to a more casual level or quit the game completely. The only person we had gquit this year was a new recruit who decided to go raid with friends and even he wanted to get back in later on. So we are looking for a good few who not only want to do the effort but have matching personalities aswell.. a tricky combo at times but we feel it works. This is what keeps us together as a guild and a raidforce even when things are a bit slow.

We aint the only ones having a slow time actually, other raidgroups on our server are also suffering and some are even experiencing leave-waves.
Guilds are falling apart and people are running for the lifeboats, peddeling to the nearest other raiding guild to get the last remaining seats. Yep, it's every man and woman (and child) for themselves. Just a few days ago i've heared about another guild which is basicly disbandig which is a saddening thing on itsself ofcourse.
Suddenly i found myself thinking "Hey, that might result in a few nice applies!" as they are on about equall progression level. Straight after followed by the weird feeling that i was about to pick someone's corpse.... and we might not be the only one trying to get their share of capable raiders when this other ship sinks. It's time to throw out some lifelines and see what grabs on, if they are lucky it is skilled and social enough for us not to throw it back into the cold water.
"Ow look, we caught a gnome...." "THROW IT BACK! THROW IT BACK!"

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