Friday, July 25

Buying Gold the right way?

You know what i got against buying gold? The way its aquired!
People likely got hacked, stripped to the bone and their belongings where melted down into gold bars which then are offered to the people out there willing to trade their Euros/Dollars/Yen for the virtuall currency.
Buying gold will simply feed that market, as long as people keep buying gold.. people will get hacked, we are the ones that keep it alive.
Ofcourse there are farmers aswell who gather gold by grinding the same mob over and over again and while the gold that is generated that way might cause some inflation it won't cost you your gear in the end, but there is no way to make sure your bought gold is hack-free is it?

So i was wondering... if i was sure the gold was hack-free, would i be more willing to spend my real life money on it? Sure it's still illegal but at least i'm not risking someone getting hacked, although i risk getting my account shut down.
Would i change my game by gold in a way i am not supposed to?
Suppose i sell ingame materials and charge gold for it and make a large a sum of gold that way, thats nothing weird is it?
I however have little to offer ingame, at least nothing which don't require me to grind for it first... and then i might just aswell simply do dailies and get the gold. When i trade gold with someone for real life cash, that's pretty save isn't it? If a guildy has more gold then he can burn i can buy some off him without any risk getting my account banned, we can always say it was a donation.. nothing against that.

But how about game balance? I'm thinking nothing changes, if either my guildy spends the money i buy or i do it for him.. doesn't matter does it?
It's like giving gold to your alt only this time there is some payment done outside Wow without any possible concequences ingame, no hackers cleaning out other people... no farmers overspooling the Auction House and messing up prices or what ever other inflation/deflation of currency.

I still feel like i'm cheating on the game, like using one of those trainers or cheatcodes on a game to finish it in no time.. kind of a waste of a good game that way. Then again, if Wow is all about grinding like it is currently to be able to raid.. do i even want to play it?
On the other hand, say i'm buying 10k gold now to get me out of debts and make sure i got some cash to burn, what stops me from doing it again later on when i'm low on cash again? I might change the way i play this game, instead of grinding for some mats i'll just buy them on the AH and then buy new gold with real money. At least in the past you would get punished by Godzilla if you typed "fund" too often....

Sounds very tempting still doesn't it? Risk free gold with no concequences, well... perhaps just for yourself then.

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