Friday, July 4

Refining my macro's

Yesterday i had a testrun with my healer in nothing less then Black Temple! I managed to try out my leet healing skills (sarcasm intented) and my macro's. One thing i can across was how i wanted to apply Earth Shield. I wanted to be able to toss it to random people easier, when someone was suddenly taking damage for a longer period of time.. at an AoE pull for example.
Below refined macro should be able to do that at a targeted person while holding control, giving it prio over the focus target.

/cast [nomodifier,target=focus,exists,nodead] Earth Shield; [nomodifier] Earth Shield
/stopmacro [nomodifier]
/cast [modifier:ctrl,target=target,help] Earth Shield
/stopmacro [modifier:control]
/focus [modifier:shift]
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Focus target set!")

The other thing i wanted to do is to easier heal people "in the field". I had a mouse over macro for that:
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [help,exists] [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=player] Lesser Healing Wave

The problem was that an already targeted player would get priority, often a good thing ofcourse if you like to wave that mouse around. But this way i had to get rid of my current target which was often a boss to keep an eye on his abilities. Another refinement required.
#showtooltip Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [nomodifier,help,exists] [nomodifier,target=mouseover,help,exists] [nomodifier,target=player] Lesser Healing Wave
/cast [modifier,target=mouseover,help,exists] [modifier,help,exists] [modifier,target=player] Lesser Healing Wave

Pretty simple actually, just hold shift/ctrl/alt it will use a different order of casting the spell.
I could also add a 3rd line with Alt as modifier with a prio healing myself, will have to test ingame if i can have that many letters in the macro tho.

Reclaimer: Above macro's have to be tested still.

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jiraiya said...

another wow addict:). anyway if u need macro reference u can go to wow macros. i also discussed this site growth at blog azeroth. go there if u have time.cheers!