Thursday, July 3

First time Healer

Yesterday i respecced my shaman Restoration. I gemmed and enchanted all my offspec kit, which was luckily 80% epic from earlier Kara runs, and i went into Heroic Mechanar. I was lucky that the tank was T6 geared so healing was pretty much a breeze apart from the times one of the two locks overaggro'd. First thing i noticed: i would die alot. Every broken sheep or untanked mob would come straight for me and try to hammer away the little health i got (something to work on).

I'm sure some deaths were to blaim on me as i was constantly looking for buttons and had trouble deciding who to prioritize. I forgot Earthshield on the tank, forgot Water shield for myself and to drop totems quite often... it was all too much!
But every mob and boss we did i felt i was getting more and more in control. Slowly i was seeing some logic in the things i needed to do and the addon that was supposed to make my life easier actually started doing so.
Someone else in the party noticed my quick improvement aswell.

After a succesfull run (lets ignore those deaths shall we?) i joined the Karazhan alt run of that evening. Quickly i had to resort my healing addon which went a bit beserk when joining a raid (reloud UI did the trick i found out later) and not much later we were on our way.
The one tank we had was well geared but was playing on a older laptop so had some latency issues, which resulted in a few more deaths on my behalf as i hoped for. I felt i didn't do half bad besides the crappy tanking of loose adds i ended up doing and letting a few people that overaggro'd die... by the time we did Opera i had to heartstone out as i was 80% red, resulting in 30g repaircosts.
Quite a few wipes happened, most of them by ninja pulls by others then the tank, both healers dieing on trash or (an old time favorite) moving in the fucking Flame Wreath!

Either way i learned alot. I became more confident and learned how and when to use what... many fine tunement is needed ofcourse but Nature's Swiftness was one of the tools i quickly learened to love.
Earthshield needs a different sollution.. while the addon i used (Healbot) had a key-combination in it, it didn't feel quick enough so i was thinking of a macro:

/cast [nomodifier,target=focus,exists,nodead] Earthshield; [nomodifier] Earthshield
/stopmacro [nomodifier:shift]
/focus [modifier:shift]
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Focus target set!")

I actually adapted a Misdirect macro which i made for my Hunter but this should work aswell. Set the MT as focus target using Shift, using the macro will them ES him no matter who i have targeted. If he's dead he will ES my current target and oterwise myself if it's hostile.
Am considering to make a bypass key... for example if i held ALT it would do ES on my current target even if there is a focus target, but let's try this first.
I've also planned to keybind some more keys, Watershield again (which i replaced with Nature's Swiftness) and perhaps Earthshield aswell.

More to learn in the upcomming days, so far it's pretty cool... having the balance of life in your fingertips... MWOEHAHAHA!

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