Monday, July 14


So i'm a T6 geared Hunter and suddenly i find myself logging my Shaman, spec him Resto.. spend a small forture on enchants, gems and whatever else is needed and i head into a Heroic Instance. Before that the most healing i had done was on my Moonkin Druid in Zul'Farak once or twice.
What made me do it? A possible mainswitch. (i don't see BRK do that ;-) )

A Resto Shaman was needed, i had a Shaman alt (Enhancement but still) and people trusting that i would be able to pick it up quite fast and even like it.
I had my doubts... but wanted to try it anyway, eventho the idea of abbandoning my Hunter who has been my main since the very beginning pained me.
That Heroic went pretty smooth, not so much because of me but because of my party members including a T6 geared tank who hardly took a hit. (my GF btw... a T6 tank, now many won't be able to repeat that :P And No, she's not for sale!)
How i learned that 5-man, in the end i had a pretty good idea how things worked. The Karazhan raid after that granted me with even more experience, sure some people died but it were mostly the over aggro'ing locks who went down like a Pornstar.
After that run i thought of a few macro's i missed, macro's who would make my life easier hopefully.

The next run i did was Black Temple... a fresh healer in mostly Karazhan gear stepping foot in the Black Temple, again something that doesn't happen too often i suppose. In the beginning i barely outhealed the tank but as we got further and further into the instance i found myself getting faster, adapted better to unexpected things and quicker to decide who to heal first. I walked out that instance with 6 BT Epics and i helped at every boss apart from Illidan where my Hunter was needed. It was Great!!! I wasn't, but the experience was.

Ow healing is alot tricker then expected and i caught myself shouting out "CRAP!" quite often if someone died, even if it was a person not assigned to me.
Sure it's a bit of wack-a-mole but it does give some rewarding feeling when the people assingned to you remain standing when the boss isn't.

In my quest for a better heal setup i got adviced a number of addons of which i am currently using the following:
Healbot Continued", which gives you defineable healthbars and functions under your mousebuttons.
Instant Health, basicly this helps refresh the info you receive on people's health faster.
Quartz, a defineable castbar which i moved close to the healthbars to better time heals as it shows how much earlier you can start casting the next spell based on your latency.

The last runs i did were to Sunwell Plateau and i must say i held my own. The other Resto Shaman showed me the meters afterwards and i was a good second just below him, eventho i know the meters say alot less for healers then they do for dps.. it at least shows me i was more often quicker with landing heals then before. Ofcourse the investments i made in my gear (crafted bracers, boots from badges, Epic (haste) gems, expensive enchants) payed off aswell.

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