Monday, July 7

My Alt wears T6!

I'll have to share some info with you guys first.. something i've held back before due to security reasons....
I've probably bored you before with the fact that i was thinking to mainswitch as i was pretty tired of playing my Hunter, now this plan was schedualed for the expansion but something occured suddenly.

When i was airing my ideas about mainswitching to my Shaman some officers said they wouldn't mind if i switched straight away if only i would go Resto.
Healing? Not something i've done before but people in my guild who knew about this possible mainchange said i would be able to do it and even like it.
The idea of switching straight away and not having to wait till WotLK was quite appealing to me and it brought another advantage: if i wouldn't like it afterall i could always mainswitch to a different toon when the expansion came out as the field was leveled anyway!
Worse case scenario i wouldn't like playing it and had to sit it out till the expansion but then again, i didn't like playing the Hunter much either.

After a weekend in Paris (WWI08) where i talked to several guildies, including some (ex)healers... i switched specs and enchanted/gemmed all my off-role healing kit i gathered in Karazhan. The idea was to try it out first before making the switch official.
I started out with an Heroic and while i pretty sucked at the start, i had the idea that i was getting better and better at the end.. ofcourse having a T6 tank along helped alot aswell to ease the pain. Straight after i entered Karazhan first time as a healer and i had to adapt and learn quickly there aswell.
Things didn't go perfect but as one of 2 healers we managed quite a bit.

The next step was to try out a 25man raid. The raidleader decided that i could step in on the first few bosses in Black Temple, probably as a bad player didn't have too much effect there. ;-) In the beginning i was shamefully low on the meters but i started picking up soon, getting better at every pull... and more importantly; enjoying it aswell.
I ended up doing every boss apart from Illidan where my Hunter was needed and while doing that i ended up with 6 Black Temple Epics, including the T6 legs! At the last boss i did i managed to outheal quite a few healers which might not be as hard using Chain Heal but don't forget my inexperience and poorer gear.... i won't applaud myself just yet but it showed me i had actually improved quite a bit in just a few days.

At the end of this reset i will make my decission; either i'll switch to the Shaman or i'll stay on the Hunter. That leaves me with just 2 more nights on which i can try my skills in heroics/raids.
Either way i choose i can savely say: "My Alt wears T6!"

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Obunaji said...

Shamans are great to heal with, I can know :D (Just remember to heal as you wish, don't stop using chain heal!) Once healing gets boring, Enhancement is ALOT of fun too, a bout which I've been blogging in the past.