Thursday, July 17

Am i the only beggar around here?

It's not that i ask for gold, i'd even feel embarresed if i would take gold from others if they would offer... i'd probably wouldn't accept even. If only some guy that quit the game ran in to me and unloaded his riches onto me.
The thing is, i 'm having quite some trouble getting cash lately on the server my Alliance mains are on. I played the Auction House a bit (mostly looked for underpriced items) on my Horde and i made quite some money with it... but people are either smarter at the Alliance side or (more likely) there are already a number of people watching the AH more frequently then i do.
Sure i get a bargain now and then but more then 15-20g profit isn't made.

And what about dailies? Ow how i hate those.. but still i drag my sorry ass to the plateau and do about 7 of the quests there every day before the raid. That gives me 130g as nowadays i got a second toon on follow (some functions hotkeyed so he aint totaly useless) aswell as 2 flasks to use in SWP.
It might not be much but this should net me with nearly 1000g a week right? True but to buy my new main an epic mount i got pursuaded to loan 2000g of a guildy, who assured me i would get the money back alot faster with it.
He's in no hurry to get the gold back but i'm hoping i can repay him within two weeks as i hate to have debts, even ingame.

It wont be long after i repay my debt that i will stop doing those boring dailies once again which result in somewhat limited funds once again.
For some reason i hear that people all around me have gold in the thousands, my own girlfriend recently reached 10k and for some guildies even that is peanuts. One of the guys bought numerous Gigantique Bag's for his main and alts which costs 1200g each, which shows he has some gold to burn. This guy can do dailies with 3 toons at the same time and he does probably close to 25 each day which is close to 750g a day then i guess, i wish i wouldn't go mental after the first 2 dailies.
Some other guy is constantly mining and gathering herbs, he spams my Gatherer addon constantly so no doubt about that.

What is it that those other people have no problem grinding dailies, mining/herbing, playing the AH while i get sick and tired of it just by thinking of it.
This aint a game, it's bloody work! If Blizzard would sell gold (and i'm glad they dont) i would likely spend some RL cash on it now and then, i won't do that now as i will not support goldfarmers/hackers/whatever other evil out there to mess up the game.
I just want a forever fun daily which doesn't take too much time and pays well, but that would only increase prices any more.
Bah... guess i just have to bit my lip and do my daily chores.

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Softi said...

I totally know where you're coming from - dailies suck! At least they're an easy way to make gold though, I guess...

"If only some guy that quit the game ran in to me and unloaded his riches onto me."

That actually happened to me when I was about lvl 50! Got around 1k gold from a random guy who was apparently quitting the game - go me! XD