Thursday, July 24

Addicted to WotLK

-Warning, contains spoilers!-

After hours of spamming the inlogscreen of the beta i finally came in with little time to spare before the planned bedtime, actually it was past that already as i intended to go to bed early. I quickly met up with 4 guildies who managed to get in a bit earlier (log-in server was giving many of us problems), redid my UI, keybindings and talent quickly and made my way up to Stormwind.
One of the guys who was online yesterday already suggested we did the first instance Utgarde Keep which is located in the startarea on the east, the Howling Fjord.
Most of us went over to the new SW Harbors which is HUGE! I went by it pretty fast as my time was limited but it was a city of its own with at least a ship which could take you straight to Auberdine so no more running through dangerous Wetlands with your level 10 Nightelf if you want to see Ironforge.

I took the ship and i ended up at the western startarea in Northrend; Borean Tundra. I guess the ship that leaves from Theramore would have gone to the Howling Fjord. There is also supposed to be a Turtleship in between the two points but we decided to take an oldfashion roadtrip since three other party members ended up there aswell.
It took quite a drive to get on the other side, Northrend is rather big... i'd say about 10minutes or so. The highest mob i encountered was level 73 and was quite easy despite my mediocre gear (Kara/S1) and my bad key setup.

Utgarde Keep itsself was quite a maze to get in at first but the architecture was quite impressive. We did the instance with a Fury Tank, Ret Pala, 2x Enh. Shamans and a Holy Pala... it was brutal! I was the lowest geared one with the rest having T6 gear mostly and we just tore through the trash without use of any crowdcontroll. It didn't take long before we got overconfident and pulled 3 thrashgroups at a time and managed to wipe, probably would have pulled it off with a fully functional UI, keybindings and macro's but in this case it was just a tad too much.
The rest went rather smooth and the instance looked quite cool, apart from a couple of eye pleasers it was a pretty straight forward one.. no alternative routes and a minimalistic design and quite a few simular trashmobs. Enjoyable though.
Altho the instance is quite large, the rooms aint packed with trash so you get through it pretty quick.. the bosses were doable without much knowledge of tactics as long as the dps is as mad as ours. That didn't work for the final boss however and we had to find a tactic that worked for us, enable some enemy castbars due to lack of emotes or bossmods and then we took him down.
The instance took us about one hour, could have gone faster if we wouldn't have messed around too much.

My day ended at 1 'o Clock and i was beat! I still am now i'm sitting behind my desk at work,... and the worse thing is; i can't think of anything else.
I need to do some foodshopping later and go to the hairdresser (not the ingame one) Sathurdaymorning but i already find myself looking for excuses...
I'm like a zombie but instead of craving for brains i crave for Wrath of the Lich King, omg... why on earth did i get this beta key?

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