Friday, June 20

Jealousy can be Ugly

Last sathurday i decided to pug again for a change. I went on my lock and did "just" a normal instance. I ended up in a guild-party where i was the only one from a different guild. So far so good.

The tank and healer weren't there normal spec so that took some adjusting. There were quite a few body pulls where we got an extra pack of trash but they managed to laugh about it, mostly... more and more wipes happened but we made progress slowly and thats what mattered. The partyleader, a hunter, seemed to give the other guys quite some abuse but they seemed to manage to defend themselves. I actually thought they were just playing it aswell.

But just before the last boss (Kael'thas) the Hunter felt like stroking his own ego and spammed the damage meters with him being nr 1. Now meters aint always right but on my meters i was first so i linked that aswell. Obviously mine were wrong as you can imagen. ;)
I noticed one thing tho which i shared with them, on both his and mine meters i had done the same exact number of damage! I could only assume he hadn't reset his meters ad the start but he assured me did and got quite ticked of. One of his guildmates mocked him for getting beaten and cheating on the meters didn't do much good either.
He was determined to show me who was boss on the meters at the boss.

We did another pull on which i had to seduce and banish a target. Not much of a problem but the palatank pulled once again without warning, they were together on vent. Resulting in the seduce target getting to close and the tank hitting it all the time.
Apart from that another mob was loose and i started fearing it as it was on the healer.. resulting in me having to kepe eye on 3 mobs in a small coridor. Imo i didn't do half bad but we still wiped as it simply took too long as my dps was hardly worth mentionable at that pack.
The Hunter complimented me on how i handled the adds... but he was being sarcastic, i'd checked with him too be sure even. Aparently he blamed me for that wipe!
We had had loads of wipes and none because of me, i did the most damage or at least 2nd in case mine was wrong (which i doubt) and he started doing ugly at me now.
I asked him if he was getting nasty all of the sudden as he couldn't take being second on the meters unlike he thought himself, now that didn't go down good either. :) He called me a nub because he was PvP spec, not sure what his point was there too be honest, perhaps he was trying to save his face for being second.
Either way i didn't take him tossing shit in my direction, if his guildies are willing to take it it's their choice.

"We will see on the boss" he said and i told him "No we wont" and left the party.
One of the others whispered me why i left and i said because of the Hunter trying to be a dick and i didn't have the patience for that. He actually understood. ;)
I was in much doubt if i would just stick around and swallowed it just to get to the boss but i simply couldn't, i kind of hoped he didn't manage to clear the instance without me however sorry i would be for the other 3 who seemed nice.
Jealousy can be Ugly right?


Siarah said...

Yeah, people are jerks. I'm sure in reallife he is nothing like that, just trying to show off in game. Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Wow Panda said...

must be a kid .