Wednesday, June 25

Saved by the bell?

Yesterday we were about to do a boss in Black Temple, the big bad last one actually: Illidan. The problem was we were one tank short.
So we stood around for an hour or so, trying to figure a way to make the fight possible.
The tank that was supposed to show didn't and ou roptions were limited.

After long debate the best option (of all bad options) seemed to be bringing my Alt tank in. Now some people didn't have a doubt it would be possible with my warrior while others felt an alt could never have the reaction a full-time tank would have, eventho others disagreed again and saying that it depended on the player. I agreed with both... i don't play my warrior that often anymore but i feel i'm pretty good at it.
My situation awareness is pretty good, my threatgeneration is pretty good and most of all: i'm no keyboard turner. Sure it might take me a minute or so to get fully back into it but Illidan seemed pretty doable either way. Now i was in a bad mood already and people not trusting me to do a good job made me question why i should bother at all... then again, i can't expect everyone to know what kind of player i am.

So i accepted the "job", didn't feel like playing the Hunter anyway and this was at least a nice challenge... probably more for my healers then me, but still.
With the best pre-T5 gear availble i aint thát bad geared, one of our tanks even tanked Archimonde in full T4 in the beginning and i consider my gear to be at least thát good. Still, Illidan becomes pretty nasty in the last phase. Guess my "ow-shit" buttons should be saved till that part and then pray the healers are on the spot aswell to keep up a poorer geared tank.
I read up on Bosskillers quickly and one of the other tanks gave me a couple of pointers and even a flask and other buffstuff.
I was ready for this... a bit scared but mostly happy to show that it's not all about gear to some of the disbelievers. ;-)
Buffs were completed, the ready check had started and we were about to go when i saw a text appear on the bottom left "TankX has come online."

I gave up my spot ofcourse, makes no sense making a fight harder with an alt while there is a better geared main available.
A Hunter had to go at the same time so i had to come back on my Hunter eventho i'd rather just had called it a day, i didn't want to raid on my Hunter that day anyway and after almost being able to try out my tank again that feeling only had gained in strength.
Either way we managed to kill Illidan and the second Warglaive dropped, giving our Rogue a complete set... that at least made the wait worth it.

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