Wednesday, June 11

For the Horde!

After a disappointment in my Warlocks previous guild i moved servers to a PVE one as i got sick of getting ganked while doing dailies and grinding and joined a promissing guild there. It's taking me some time to get adjusted and more so, they need to adjust to me aswell it seems.
However the locks do their best to make me feel welcome and is a nice place for a chat during raids.

Ah you noticed i used the word Raids there? Yep.. they do raid actually!
So far my raids with them include a full Karazhan run, a Gruul run, a Magtheridon run and SSC in which we killed Hydross and Lurker.
I'm really enjoying playing my lock and it's a whole new experience trying to squeeze the most out of my lock, which is actually a bit undergeared for anything but Karazhan and perhaps Gruul. I still don't do half bad though and depending on the fight/trash i'm able to end up pretty high.
On Hydross i managed to get 4th even, on Lurker my spec (affliction) managed to deliver quite a bit dps less sadly enough but then again.. it took me a while to find a good rythm. (didn't got hit by spouts btw, the advantage of knowing the fights already)
Their raids are mostly on nights where my main's guild doesn't raid so i don't need to choose between the two luckily, i can still attend the other raids eventhough i'm a bit tired of playing the Hunter at the moment (again).... the people in that raid make up for alot.

In the rest of my downtime i've started a new alt, a Druid. Now i actually have a druid stuck at level 63 which doesn't appeal to be being Moonkin at the moment.. i didn't have a druid on Horde side and not a tank(capable) class on that side either, which is the direction i'm thinking to go. My m8 has moved servers with me and started a Rogue alt so we can stealth together once i get to 20. The plan is to level up together so leveling might take a bit longer as matching agenda's might be hard, then again questing will actually go alot easier and we will make up for some of the time lost.
Up until now i'm happily surprised how much fun it is to play a low level druid once again, brings back memories.... think i'm getting sentimental? As it was the very first class i played in open beta.

I do wonder if i manage to get my lowbee Druid to 70 before the expansion anyway, seriously doubt it myself. Perhaps a good thing because god knows which toon i must pick to be my new main if i got just another 70! With three 70's on alliance side and one on horde it's likely i'm gonna feel like i did choose the wrong one anyway. But thats food for another topic. ;)

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