Monday, June 9

When not Wow'ing

Yeah it's a verb.. wowing, to wow, i wowed, etc. It's not yet like Smurfing but it's damn close at times.
But that's not todays subject, i actually wanted to tell you about what i do when i don't Wow.... don't worry, it might be geekish enough for your liking.
At the same time i might learn a thing or two if you decide to add to this conversation. ;)
So what do i do? I watch TV series.
Most of these series i watch with my GF who is raised with two big brothers so she actually is quite into Scifi and such, i guess that's why she likes Wow so much. Below is about the order i've been watching them, nothing to do with ranking.

A comedy about a section in a Hospital, mainly about Scrubs... new young doctors. The acting and the characters in this series are really great and they balance on the absurd at quite a few points, not restricted by the normal rules of what can happen in life.
Sarcasm and abuse all around, good fun.

A series about Clark Kent in his younger years, better known as Superman but he hasn't have this identity yet. He's being confronted with more and more unusual powers and we get to watch how he uses these to help his friends in his hometown Smallvile which is highly effected by the very same "meteor" that brought Clark here. There is plenty of trouble, not just from his friend Lex Luthor which you will learn to love and hate.
Still need to finish this series actually, got stuck because i missed a few episodes and didn't want to continue yet.

Star Trek Enterprise
The latest (and last) series which takes place before the original series with Captain Kirk. Lots of things you will encounter in this show will explain what happens later or will make you smile with recognition. The lead actors are all very pleasant to watch and the characters they play all have their own little flaws which makes the show less static then the next generation. The first two seasons have mostly episodes with a closed ending but after that you will encounter more "to be continued". Also good to watch when you enjoy a Sci Fi series without all the Star Trek knowledge.

My Name is Earl
Earl has been a bad guy all his life, living of petty crime and making other people's life just a little bit worse by scamming or teasing them. He lives in a motelroom with his slightly retarted brother Randy. At the beginning of the series he wins the lottery but gets hit by a car straight away, awakening in a hospital and his check gone. He sees a show and finds out about Karma and he decides to make a list of all the bad things he did and is going to try to make up for it. Once he steps out of the hospital Karma rewards him and gives him the winning lotery ticket back.
Each episode Earl tries to make up for what he did, often pestered or helped by his trailertrash ex-wife Joy but always with his dumbassed brother by his side. One of the few shows which manage to make me laugh outloud, mostly due to Randy's dumb actions.

Battlestar Galactica
The Cylons from the 80's are back, in this new edition they destroy New Caprica and the entiry human race (whats left of it) makes a run for it, looking for the legendary planet called Earth. Cylons are not just robots anymore though, they can look like any other human and there are 12 models know which cause alot of intreging plots throughout the seasons. Add a few great actors to the mix, like the good/bad guy Balthar, and you got the best Sci Fi series i've seen the last 5-10 years.
This one my GF doesn't watch btw.

The 4400
Just yesterday i started watching this show and i'm just at the second episode so far. The story is yet unknown to me but it starts out with 4400 people appearing out of a ball of light from outerspace, people abducted throughout time and released back into society. The agency which needs to help and track these 4400 quickly find out that they aren't totaly unchanged, quite a few show strange behaviour like super reflexes, being able to foretell the future, healing on touch and more of such supernormal behaviour and powers. It is not a superhero show however, it's more like a X-files kind of show i suppose but less creepy sofar. Filming and acting are solid thus far and looks like a promising series.

A series about regular people who find out they have special powers. This is probably the next series i'll be watching if i manage to see 4400 to the end.
Filming, acting and story was of high quality the first few episodes i saw thus far.
I can't tell you much more then this yet besides for the good things i heared about this show.

The next series
What am i to watch afterwards? I've had someone mention House which is about things which happen in a Hospital. Now i'm not into medical series much so i'm not sure if this is my thing, unless it's a comedy like scrubs i suppose.
The other series i've downloaded the first episode of is Painkiller Jane. This chick can't die and we follow her story as she is part of an organisation to hunt down people with special skills ironically.
The newest Dr.Who series might be an option aswell, the flashes i've seen looked good enough to enjoy. Just not sure the GF would appreciate it though.
I've heared/saw glimpses of more shows however... Prisonbreak, Lost, 24.. and now i've i've even encountered more possible.

Guess there is plenty to watch for me still, i'm in need of a bigger harddisk.. again! So any series i've forgot to mention here and are must-watch?
Tonight i'll be checking out into more detail on my second screen while playing Wow on the other, ready to fire up my download client to get me some new eyefood.


Lukast said...

Doctor Who is a must-watch! David Tennant is amazing. I personally think Catherine Tate is the best assisstant, she's an excellent actress.

Anonymous said...

house season 4 will be another "must watch" for me, i recently bought all 3 seasons on dvd and am still not dis-appointed with house's acidic put-downs and gentle teasing

Anonymous said...

Dexter, serial killer working as CSI man. Exciting, maybe not geeky enough but FILLED with good acting, nice camerawork and nifty little plottwists. Scrubs & Earl are some of the best comedies out there, though I did (and do) also enjoy Malcolm in the Middle and there are a couple more, maybe try Freaks & Geeks and/or Undeclared? Bit different, but also very very funny (bit on the dramady side, but so is Scrubs).