Tuesday, June 3

The Hidden Stat: Luck

You must know someone like this: someone who has seemingly all the luck in the world. You run a party to an instance and then something drops which could be sold on the Auction House for quite a bit of gold, so you all roll and thát person wins the roll... again... just like when something dropped last run. And when that Righteous Orb will drop later on you know damn well just who is going to win that roll, that guy/gal again. Rollhax? You wish, it's simply the Lord of the Dice having a little favourite.

My girlfriend is one of these people. When something drops 8 out of 10 times she will win it, she even admits that it's not normal.
Yesterday she entered the Outlands on her level 57 toon to pick some herbs and she had just picked two herbs when i came to take a look what she was doing (as i was watching BSG season 4, best series ever!) and when picking the 3rd herb she jokingly tells me that she wanted a Fel Lotus this time... you know what happened next right?

Now i can't complain much either i suppose, before the expansion i had looted and sold 4 epics. The first one at level 55 on my first character when i was playing solo in the Plaguelands and all of the sudden a Glowing Brightwood Staff dropped in my bag while Shift-looting. Now this was when the majority hadn't even reached 60 yet and this must have been one of the first GBS's that ever dropped... within 5mins after linking it in Guildchat i got spammed to hell with offers, not just by people from the guild.
This resulted in me having an Epic mount as one of the first people on the server.
A few more epics dropped for me after i was 60, about 7 at least but i managed to only win one while in a party.. the other 3 i looted solo. One of those 7 was when my GF was along and ofcourse she won that one.
Either way i never had to grind for money, i could simply buy everything i needed altho i did grind mats if an alt wanted something crafted.

Since i entered the Outlands my luck has changed however, i can't remember many great drops besides a cheap blue now and then. I've been introduced with grinding to be able to raid which i didn't take much joy in.
So perhaps luck is a hidden stat afterall and leveling to 70 resulted in me requiring more luckrating to compensate which resulted in my Luck Crit percentage dropping.

Raids have to deal with the Luck factor aswell, what drops is based on numerous factors even including the exact time a raid is formed. There are alot of fables that it matters who is the Raidleader or who is the Masterlooter and stuff like that but you might aswell throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder as it is all superstition in my opinion. One of the raidguilds has had 5 Warglaive's drop already (MH/OH) and two rogue's are blinging their set of legendaries in Shattrah already while another guild who has been killing Illidan for ages is still waiting for their second. Did the first guild find the secret how to make Luck crit while in a raid somehow?

In the end i guess there are three kind of players; those with alot of luck, those with none at all and then those who do okay.
I'm guessing the required grinding is devided in three catagories aswell for these three kinds, wish i was back in the first one again.

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