Tuesday, June 17

Forced breaks

I was over on Wowinsider and i read this post about the noobish things people did when they just started playing the game.
The first thing that popped into my mind were some of my own beginner "mistakes" like rolling a druid and thinking i could only heal others and not myself. I could have avoided quite a few deaths if i had know earlier.
Either way this made me think of another silly misconception:

When you die you get a 6min resurrection timer... i was in the assumption if i would res within this time i would get durability loss. So when i died i ran back to my corpse and then went to get something to drink, visit the loo.. basicly i went to do some RL stuff. (didn't know otherwise till level 13-15)
I wasn't the only one who thought this btw, a friend i played with and often dragged his PC had the same idea.
Now when i look back it was quite silly of me but it did force me to step away from the computer for a bit and experience life around me, i'd be alot more relaxed after a playsession if i would take some more breaks in between.
Often i'm thirsty or crave for a sandwich but i don't want to get up as i'm busy doing something, something which can actually be taken a break off. (just one more mote...)

Forced breaks not be that bad.. the chinese seem to feel the same with their rules on online gaming. Apperantly gamers below 18 years only get to play 3 hours a day, after that the next two hours of play will only give them half the XP and beyond that none at all. Not entirely what i had in mind but i wouldn't mind a 15min break during a raid myself.
Either way it's been a while since i was 18 so it wouldn't help much anyway.

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