Monday, June 16

Star Trek: Guilds

After a raid this weekend i was up till 3h30 or something, chatting with one on my guildies on teamspeak. We talked about all sorts of stuff, mostly wow and guild related... mostly nonsence and nothing much important i suppose.
But then he told me something about an online Star Trek game being developed. It was canceled and picked up before and he didn't know much about it but he liked the idea of starting a recruit.. level it up and then man a Star ship with a guild and go boldly where no guild has gone before.

I was having my doubts how much fun it would be if i specced wrongly and got stuck in the belly of a ship doing my little task while the action took place on the bridge or on the planet. And then we started relating it to our own guild... our Raidleader has a habit to ask after a wipe "What happened Healers?", we'd imagen us all being in an escape pod after the warp core exploded and him going on the com and say "What happened Engineering?".
Or some torpedo hitting the port nacelle and shouting "Okay, just wipe".
And it would be pretty crappy to get the job of the red suit on board, you'd be corpse running constantly.
"FFS Mr. Sulu, i said warp 9, not 7! minus 50 DKP!", there are probably all sorts of other funny comparisons to imagen. :)

Honestly i don't think it would be the best MMORPG out there but then again they might surprise me. I just wonder how many Kirks would you see running about with slightly altered names (Kirc, Kirrk, Curk), it would be Legolas all over again.

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