Saturday, June 14


A bit more then a week ago i joined a new guild on my Horde toon. I started out knowing no one and at times i got the feeling that most of the people mostly ignored me, probably not on purpose but it's just that high of a contrast compared to my Alliance guild i was in where i got greeted by several people in Guildchat as i logged on.
Not wierd ofcourse as i've been in that guild for over 3 years now and i'm know to add my part of the conversation, mostly in a twisted way.
Now i needed start all over with prooving people i'm a good player (or at least i try to be) and can actually be a fun guy to be arround with.

I'm undergeared compared to these guys but due to having a couple of people short i tagged allong to SSC, Mag and Gruul... and i did pretty fine i've been told. The trick is that i already know most tactics by heart from my Alliance toon... and that i always read up on my class and try to maximize their potential.
Sure i made my share of mistakes, i manage to get my imp killed alot after unshifting for buffs or dotted up a target they intended to sheep.. but i do learn. :)

Either way, seems it got noticed that i worked for it. I did manage to put out some nice dps on a couple of bosses who were more Afliction friendly and i tried not to share too much of the sick humor i'm known about in the other guild... and it seemed to help. :P
Any way.. i got this little mail in the post yesterday:

So as promised.. mentioned my Lock's guild on my blog :)
Reborn at Aszune-EU

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