Tuesday, December 4

Bags of Presents

It is christmas soon and i'm in a jolly mood.... So i'm granting you guys a look onto my personal belongings, i'm gonna show you whats in my bags. I've nicely marked the bags and am going to briefly go over whats in them or what their function is. In the past i dropped stuff random in my bags and even tried a all-in-one-bag addon but i like to have a bag open during raids with usefull items as drums and not have the whole screen filled.
Lets go over the bags:

1. This is the backpack, i'm trying to keep this one mostly empty and fill it only with junk/drops which need to be sorted.
After a grindsession or instance i try to clear this one out and just leave the items in which need to be processed later, either by me or some guildy.
Currently in my bag:

  • 2 Void Crystals and a gem which need to dropped at the bank.
  • A gem for my Warrior which needs to be mailed later.
  • A box to be opened by a rogue at the raid
  • Some conjured food and fresh caught fish which needs to be cooked for either buff food or pet food.

    2. Number two is my quiver which contains my arrows (duh!). It's hard to see but i actually have two types in there: the cheap common ones and the epic ones which i use on bosses. About a 40-60 ratio mostly. (as i tend to forget to equip the epics after a fight anyway)

    3. This is kind of my junk-bag. I try to keep most questitems in this bag and some other stuff i don't have a spot for or can't fit in any other bag atm.
    Actually i need to clear this bag out but that can be quite a study, not a chour i look forward to.
    Currently in this bag:
  • Several quest items.
  • Reputation grind stuff .
  • Kibler's bits (pet buff food) as i couldn't fit it somewhere else.
  • Coilfang armaments which i use to put pots with when short.
  • My mounts.
  • Other trash like a Crashin' Trashin' Robot and a netherwing trinket.

    4. This bag has fixed stuff in it, doesn't make 100% sense but i'm used to find the stuff i need in this bag.
  • Buff food and some pots if my flask runs out.
  • My petfood
  • A stack of manadrinks when we're lacking a mage
  • My casual outfit
  • A fishing pole
  • My Everlasting Underspore Frond and fronds, ideal piggy petfood and drinks while grinding.
  • A skinning knife and skinning enchanted gloves. (quite useless now actually)

    5. The last bag contains my heartstone (every toon does) and pots, drums and that sort of stuff
  • Flasks and buff pots.
  • Health and manapots.
  • Drums (Resto and Battle)
  • My Furbolg transformation stick which is actually misplaced.

    While i carry an extra set of gear on my warrior i tend to have more free space on him then on my Hunter. The problem might be the loss of a bag due to a quiver and the extra petstuff i need to carry along (buff stuff and food). What i really long for is a bag i can hang on my pets back so he can help me carry all the junk around, is that too much to ask? While i carry this shitload of stuff around he just stands there looking pretty (or in my Boar's case look ugly as he is an Eastern Plaguelands boar)... i got 5 huge bags strapped to my waist, bag, leg or where ever, twice the load an fully loaded backpacker needs to drag along.
    The two petclasses each lose a bag for essentiall stuff (arrows/bullets and shards) so it wouldn't be too weird to strap a bag to their pets would it?
    I'm sure it might cause an "unfair!" riot and maybe it is unfair, but i would be very happy with it.. just not sure my pets will be :P

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