Friday, December 14

Hiding the addiction

It's 20h12 and i'm restocking my Hunter so i am ready for the raid which starts in 18minutes. The phone rings and i pick it up "Hi dear, mind if we drop by for a cup of coffee?" me: "ehm,.. well,.. yeah... i'm actually in the middel of something" "What are you doing then?" do you hear the voice on the other side of the phone say. Time seems to stop as million of possible answers spin through your mind and you are trying to find the right (unused) excuse... or you could just tell the truth and tell them you are to embark on a journey into the beasts domain where you will battle forces beyond believe to make the world a saver place, at least until the next reset.
You'd rather tell them the truth but the real truth is they won't the truth too often, hell... you can better say you are hanging in front of the television with a bag of chips then telling them you are spending your night with 24 virtual friends.
And so for their own protection i tell them something they want to hear "Actually i was just cleaning the house, maybe tomorrow?".
In my defense i don't use excuses much these days to keep unexpected visitors off but i used to. Still i have to use these kind of excuses to justify the ammount of Wow played... "What did you this weekend?". Again the truth echos through my head; grinded mats for a new epic, did some Heroics and raided SSC... after which i hear myself say "meeting up with some friends" which aint exactly a lie, altho if they keep on asking questions i will have to start making things up sooner or later anyway as playing a game during the day on your free sunday is still poorly accepted.

So i'm hiding my Wow playschedual for the outside world until they do understand... until you are considered an old geezer when choosing static entertainment over interactive... untill it's more healthy to stay indoors then breath in the polluted air outside... Maybe it's just best when i cryo freeze myself in for the next 20 years and come back when the 16th expansion of Wow hits the shelves "Revenge of the Gnolls", might be quite a blast leveling to level 230 then.


Anonymous said...

lol i know this feeling way to good :)



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need parents who keep your addiction under control :)


Exanimo said...

I do have one thing who keeps my addiction in check... a job :P

The Eternal n00bie said...

When I make a commitment to my friends and family in real life, I don't break it on a whim, it should work the same way for pre-scheduled raids.W

hen I really have to explain to people what I am doing when I have a raid, I tell them that 9 or 24 other people are depending upon me to be part of the team. They have scheduled this event and we have all agreed to be there to play the game together.

Of course, family, friends and co-workers still roll their eyes at me when I say this, but at least I feel that I have made the commitment and I should live up to it.

It's only a real problem, when you are in the middle of a pick-up event and friends or family need help and you don't drop out.

Dew said...

The real problem is that our physical body doesn't enter the virtual world. All the rest of us does (mind, heart and full focus), but some unidentified object called our physical body remains behind to do the typing on the keyboard and clicking of the mouse. Hence people around you mistakenly assume that you are still 'there' or at least, should be.
Living in two worlds is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I wish I could just merge both so I don't need to feel I have to justify my absence to either one.


Daxenos said...

I hear ya. I get the same grief from my wife when I'd rather level my toon than go visit my inlaws (ok, bad example).

People who don't play think that in game goals/friends/commitments are somehow less important than real life leisure goals/friends/commitments.