Friday, December 21

Ding! 100!

Gratz me, i've actually managed to get to 100 posts on this little blog of mine! More then 3 months ago i started on this and surprisingly enough i'm still going strong. Other projects i've managed to drop alot faster then this one and i still have lots of inspiration for wow-related articles.... if i wouldn't log in next month it's quite likely i'd still be able to keep my current postrythm. (at least 5/week)
That i haven't given up has likely something to do with my little counter which shows me i'm actually still gaining readers. I've come to the conclusion that only a small fraction of readers actually comment on posts so i'll just depend on the stats my counter for now. On the other hand as reactions are limited it seems i'm not enormously upsetting people or telling un-truths... i guess that's worth something aint it? ;)

When i look at the past months you can see a nice growth going on, just hope i can keep it going and become a bit more serious blogger. Perhaps i need to adjust my writingstyle a bit but that might not be too easy as my style and articles highly depend on my own mood and available time.
I'm still looking for ways to advertise my little blog as there must be more people out there who are bored enough to check my blog for a quick wow-fix so there is plenty of work and challenge left for me. I do still feel like i just dinged 40, altho there is no new mount waiting for me i still have this feeling of achievement.
There is just one more thing to do before i end this post and move on to nr. 101... i'd like to thank you, my readers.
Some faithfull and checking this blog on a daily basis, others just stopping by every now and then but noway less important to this blog...

So thank you for spending some time to come visit me and i hope to be able to entertain you all for many more Wow adventures to come.
- Exanimo


gwaendar said...

Grats on the 100th post, and I wish you the best of posting for the next coming 100 posts :)

Mania said...


Theb said...

I was mislead :( I thought this was a porn site

The Eternal n00bie said...

Grats! You won the race... now I need to get back to work on my blog... maybe the New Year will bring me inspiration.

Happy New Year!