Monday, December 3

Dear Diary

I was actually preparing a nice article which i will now share with you later as something else came up.. i expected it to come but things came alot faster then planned all of the sudden. So i'm treating you to a view in my so to speak diary, what has kept this Wow addict going this weekend or mostly the sunday as playtime was limited both friday and saturday.

Basicly most of my sunday has been a grind... as my mining finally has reached the rooftop (for now) i managed to get quite a bit of metals which i needed for my warrior's Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer. I didn't quite manage to get all the needed Khorium but when selling the spare Adamantite and Felore i will have enough gold spare to buy the Khorium bars i needed, i could even afford the nether after that. Of the 12 primal fires i got 6 out of veins and a saturdayevening and sundaymorning on my Hunter which just left me with the grind of 12 primal airs. After grinding 4 of those i got drafted to tank in the Daily Heroic (Sethekk Halls) which i gladly accepted to kill boredom.
As we had a druid who had done the Epic Druid flightform quest we had an extra boss (=extra badge) named Anzu. Again no special mount but there did drop something else i didn't expect; The Boomstick which is without a doubt a tankweapon. I wasn't aware of there being another tankweapon besides the destroyer and getting this made me wonder if i should continue the grind for the epic gun which was quite of a smaller upgrade now all of the sudden.
Without a preset goal for the rest of the afternoon i decided to get those primal airs anyway...
A few hours later just after dinner my GF tipped me off that someone was trying to sell the crafting of the gun, i had found a couple of people already but the Nether was often the problem (drops on Heroic endbosses, very rare drop on regular endbosses ór can be bought with 10 Heroic badges). I was 5 motes away from the endgoal so i contacted him in advance to inquire some info. By the time i was done he was on his way to a raid but he was kind enough to return to Shatt and make me the gun, i was a happy little tank :)
Not sure if i'm the only one but i always get very nervous when handing over mats for such an expensive item... always checking out the guild and armory to make sure it's a known guild and not something like <LFG Heroic lol nvm WSG> (which is actually a real guildname on our server, kudo's to them). Anyway with another goal gone i went on farming herbs for my main so he could go raid well prepared. (i ám prepared!) One thing not just me noticed but a guildm8 aswell was the droprate on Fel Lotus'es... it's almost like Blizzard read my previous post on raidcosts. But i won't complain. :P

But wait.. there is more. It may seem insignificant compared to the textwall above but i can assure you it's not, not for me at least.
Ok here it is: We killed Vashj! Woooot! Yep, the big bad chicka from Serpentshrine Caverns... On what was our fourth (?) night on her we managed to kill her on the 3rd attempt, after doing her and Morogrim we had time to kill Magtheridon ánd hit the bed 30mins early (didn't do that ofc.. but i could have).
Now i expect us to wipe a few times on her in the future but we know the theory now, next raid we are going to set foot in The Eye (Tempest Keep) once again where we are gonna try to slay Al'ar and squeeze some Epic filled eggs out of her.

Ow btw, how about my xmas decorations? :P

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