Tuesday, December 18

Dress to impress!

This weekend i got Red Winter Clothes from a guildy by the mail, along with an attached note "i think you will like this as i know you care more about fashion then you are willing to ever admit ;-)".
He was at least partially right... i do care about fashion, in a very basic man-way that is! I've proven my fashion sense before (in a previous post) so i suppose i've already admitted to have at least some fashion sense.
That said matching outfits aint my first priority, stats are more important then looks but it makes me even more happy when receiving new loot if it replaces an ugly and/or a not matching item. Afterall we've all been running around looking like beggars, dresses in more colors then an average rainbow contains.. looking spiffy in matching gear, even better when you have matching impressive weapons, gives you some stature... some kind of feeling of achievement.

Anyway i equiped my suit and my matching Red Winter Hat which dropped for me 1 or 2 years ago during a run in a level 60 instance (think it was Stratholme Scarlet side). To my surprise i looked like one of Santa's elves which encountered a nuclear mishab. (anyone seen Elf?) Last year i combined my hat with some sturdy boots, random red pants and a red swashbuckler shirt... it missed the white puffy stuff at the end of the sleeves but at least i did look a bit more mascular.. not like someone with down dressed up by his mom.
To return the favor i grinded some mats to create the guildy who donated my new suit the Winter Boots. I created some for my female NE bank alt aswell who got a set of clothes from earlier named guildy aswell as i was pretty sure she would look alot better in it (which wasn't much of a challenge to be honest)... it took me quite a while to get the lower level mats for the boots but the spare set of boots i made netted me 10g within seconds after dropping them off at the AH, i guess it can be quite expensive to dress to impress.

When i log in now i got some choice in well dressed characters; my warrior can choose from either a Winter set or his impressive Tank set (certainly for an alt), my bankalt is also looking hawt in her Winter set (lacking hat tho) and my Hunter is starting to look pretty awsome aswell in his T5-ish gear.
Some wicked shoulders often give your character easiest a more impressive look, had that with my Giantstalker shoulders (damn those were ugly), my Dragonstalker shoulders, the Beastmaw Pauldrons (less is more!) and now my T5 lookalike shoulders.
Blizzard probably realizes this aswell as those shoulders often drop somewhat deeper into raidinstances.. this makes them a token of achievement, when seeing someone with tier shoulders you can tell his/her guild is raiding a certain instance and is wll on it's way to master it.
That way you are dressed to impress others and in that way you are a living advertiser for your guild, well done chap!


pelides said...

Oh man! The Dragonstalker gear had to be the ugliest set ever designed by Blizzard! I was actually happy to replace them with Outland greens and blues!

Anonymous said...

The image is broken, and I was about to fap :(