Monday, December 17

Pink Elephant HOOO!

With the new leveling buff i suddenly found myself facing another "problem": i'm having a reputation issue!
It takes my alts quite a few quests less to reach the first real milestone in a characters carreer; level 40. The last few days i've been trying out my Shammy again (mostly enjoying the new Dustwellow March content) and leveling wents amazingly fast. Suddenly i found myself at level 39 with just two small blocks away from 40.. altho real-life is gonna keep me away from that ding for at least one more day i'm already planning my life as a driver.
The first thing everyone does (as far as i know) once he dings 40 is drop everything he/she is doing and head "home" to get the long awaited mount.
Suddenly you feel like a true hero, once you made it past that level there aint much that can stop you.. anyway thats how i normally feel.

But my alt is a Draenei... when my Nightelf dinged 40 is was pretty sure i was gonna get me one of those cool sabercats to ride around on. Is my Draenei gonna drive an Elekk? I am not sure i realy look forward to that, it's not exactly the coolest mount out there imo. Maybe it aint that bad but perhaps a female Draenei on a tiger would have been pretty sweet aswell... except with the reputation i managed to gather with the limited ammount of quests done i'm nowhere near Exalted so no Horsey or Tiger for me.
But too be honest even without the leveling buff i would be quite a bit short to exalted so i can't really blame Blizzard for me not having me own cat.
Tomorrow i hopefully will ding 40 and i will make the long journey to the Exodar and get myself a puffy Elekk and i shall give him a name so he will probably grow on me.
"Lets go Ears!"

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