Wednesday, December 19

OMG! Legendary!

Yesterday i was one hell of an overpowered Hunter all of the sudden...i had my very own Legendary! And it was mine.. all MINE! Mwhoehahaha.. ha..
Well actually hunter had one but still it was pretty cool, eventho every person had at least one legendary in his hands/backpack.
Anyway i'm talking about this little baby: Netherstrand Longbow.
Perhaps you already been to Kael'Thas in The Eye (Tempest Keep), in that case you've seen this one before or at least its fellow Legendaries... for those who don't spend more nights with 24 relative strangers then is good for them; let me explain.
The final boss of this instance who could be somewhat called the Nefarian (the lord of BWL) of the Outlands (Lady Vashj would be the Ragnaros of the Outlands then) has 4 advisors which you have to beat first. Once beaten Kael'Thas brings their weapons to life which need to be killed aswell.
Now the beauty of this is once killed you can pick up your very own copy of this weapon which will last for 15minutes or death, whichever comes first. Besides the bow the following weapons drop and every can pick up whichever weapon they want (obviously there is a tactic so tanks can't just go beserk with the 2-handed axe sadly enough); Cosmic Infuser, Devastation, Infinity Blade, Staff of Disintegration, Warp Slicer and Phaseshift Bulwark.
Pretty cool huh? Not quite often you get to equip a Legendary, even if it is for such a short time.

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