Friday, December 21

With the big guns

Yesterday was one of those nights where all bad things seemed together for some reason; 2 tanks were gonna be late... one had his PC messed up by his son and needed to play on his lag-fest laptop, one had to go in 30mins and the last one was injured so she couldn't sit behind the screen for a long period of time.While we had a pretty strong raid together for SSC we still seemed to be crippled.
After some tweaking we managed to do the first boss with the injured tank (who would be available for the first 2 bosses and would then take a break), the laptop-tank, a feral tanking 2 adds and a fury warrior tanking an other add. Without much problems we downed Hydross and Lurker.
As expected we were suddenly left with 2 tanks, 1 being the laggy laptop one (altho we didn't notice much of it) and the other being a feral. Even for trash this wasn't very much so we were a tank short.... i rotated out on my Hunter for another Hunter as i didn't mind a short break but shortly after that i was requested to log my alt to come and tank.

Tank... in SSC... i knew i was up for it as my gear was at least as good as our tanks when we first entered SSC, likely even better. Hell, i was just a few hundered health points below some of the current tanks. (Fully raidbuffed 18,4k without pots/flask or food... never got that high before)
I quickly made my way to the instance and found myself getting assigned a mob. It's crazy as i had tanked bosses in Karazhan who were more scary or harder then this trash but for a moment i was sort of scared... unsure if i would perform well enough. Silly ofcourse as my gear was perfectly on par and we have more then adequate healers and i've seen our tanks play in there so i had a pretty good idea how things would go.
Soon i found myself saving healers from broken sheep (just love that intervene/charge/intercept macro next to my WSAD) and keeping up a TPS (Threat per second) high enough to be well ahead of the dps. We did Leothras and the we moved on for Karathress (some people use Kara as a abbreviation for both this guy as for Karazhan, quite confusing). I had been there before where i need to tank the Hunter but this time i got the priest with an important task: interrupt heals!
My lock buddy was on Curse of Tongues duty for the first time so i gave him the heads up on that, i'd soon find out just how important that was.
The first pull went bad as there was some miscommunication in the Hunter channel and there was a misdirection problem. The next pull went good and i possitioned my add nicely in the assigned corner, but then the chick trapped me (Tidal Surge) and started to heal right away..... there was no way to stop her.
And then she did the same combo again, darn you woman! The 3rd time she didn't bother with iceing me as CoT ran out and her cast was at Warp 9 (make it so!) and i simply missed it. The healing strain was too much due to the event taking too long and we lost a tank, quickly followed by a wipe.
Altho it was late we managed to do another attempt on which i was quite a bit luckier with the Tidal Surges and no heal came through that time, it wasn't long before Karathress was down. So i played my little part in the play with succes with a matching result.
It was quite fun to be able to compare my little alt to the main tanks in our guild for a change but even more fun teaming up with them and be part of a different little fammily for a change. :)

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