Thursday, December 13


Strange how progress can sneak up on you like a level ?? Rogue... yesterday we did a Karazhan run with Alts/Mains (6/4) which we started 20h30.
As we've farmed the lower bosses quite a bit in the beginning we tend to go straight for Prince nowadays, skipping all other bosses but the required ones and if we have time after that we vote on which one to kill after. We often end at 12h gametime so depending on how late we get teh raid full and can actually start that should give us 2,5 - 3,5 hours to get to the top of Karazhan.
So our train departed where we only stopped at the following "stations": Moroes, Opera (Wiz of Oz), Curator, Chess and then Prince.
We were using the fasttrack train this time without even being on the edge of our seats, we had fun and perhaps that was the best boost available... anyway we downed Prince early enough to do an other boss.
The vote went for the Shade of Aran.. we visited his little demented bookshop and one shotted him like all the other bosses in there.
Still time available.. uhm, Nightbane then? Another 2 badges and still it wasn't 12h... Illhoof got killed and the train came to it's final stop on 3 minutes past 12. Killing all bosses without a single wipe netted us with 17 badges and a recordnumber of bosses on a single night. (or at least a record with this many alts on a run)

Did Karazhan become trivial all of the sudden? Lootwise we disenchanted about half, maybe a bit less then that so still quite worth it you would say.
My GF (who was on her alt aswell) became a happy Hunter, grabbing 3 items which took me at least 4 times as long to get on my Hunter... but then again, i kitted my tank in at least half the time the main tanks got kitted aswell. Guess that again shows how much worth experience is.
I'm still learning how to play my tank aswell and i do feel i'm still getting better it but most of Karazhan i seem to have pretty much mastered... having some competent healers backing me up helps alot ofcourse. But that's another lesson learned a long time ago; you need to have a squad on which you can depend, checking if others do their jobs right can't have a positive effect on your own performance.

Ok, now it's now time for the regular Epic spam... The Decapitator. Aint it a beauty?
I had to save it from a disenchant and it's pretty nice for my offspec kit. Prince dropped it for me and i got to test it on Aran directly after, i'm pretty sure he feared to had his head severed from his torse. I even managed to outdps two others (no not healers >.>) in my dps kit altho one of those was an alt and the other one might not have been there before.
Most importantly i had fun, there were quite a few people chattering on Teamspeak.. it's often more quiet on TS during our 25man raids... unless one of the female guildies had a wine too many again.

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