Monday, December 24

Machinima - Episode 2

I've been receiving tons of e-mails after my previous overview of wow-related clips (actually i didn't but who will check, right?) in "Machinima - Episode 1" where i showed you the top 10 of Jonathan Coultan Wow music video's.
Today i've queued up four new video's for you, no music clips this time but funny episodes with some excellent voice acting.
The show (thats what it is actually) is called Azerothian Super Villians and stars the big bad bosses of Outlands with as leading characters Illidan (the big bad boss of Black Temple), Archimonde (the final boss in CoT: Hyjal) and as their comic sidekick Kael'Thas (the big chief in The Eye). It follows their attempts to take over the world as their plans fail over and over again in a Pinky & the Brain kind of way.
I must warn you, after viewing these video's you will likely never be able to take those bosses serious anymore... the first time i saw Kael (which was after i viewed these episodes) i wasn't impressed with him at all, looking at him just made me giggle :)

Obviously the creator(s) of this show learned alot while making these clips as you can again see the improvement in filming, scripts and voiceacting.. never the less i still advise you to start at Episode one as it is all enjoyable.
So for your viewing pleasure Episode 1 till 4 from Azerothian Super Villians:

Click the links below to view the Episode's on YouTube:

  • Episode 1 (shown above)
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4

  • Episode 3 Teaser
  • Episode 3 Teaser 2

    You can find ibeckman671's (the creator) Youtube site here which is probably the best place to look for Episode 5 once it is out or other clips from the same author.

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