Wednesday, August 22

About me

I found this would have been a bit too much for my initial post so i'm devoting a second post to it: the "about-me" topic. (i promise... more WoW related material soon ;) )

I'm 31 atm and not a bit worried about it (or so i keep telling myself), i live in the middle of the Netherlands and i recently bought myself a House (and my Girlfriend, she pays half of it ofcourse). Got 2 cats and i work as a Technical Engineer which is not that much fun actually.

To tell my virtual life and get back onto blog-topic: My first MMORPG was WoW which i played for a couple of weeks in the open beta, my first character was a NE Druid which i managed to get to level 15 back then. (as i was a huge noob, didnt found out i could heal myself besides others untill i was level 10)
When WoW went live i bought my GF an account aswell who only played cards on her PC up until then, she is now one of the tanks in our raidingguild.
I started my WoW carreer as a Hunter and joined a all Dutch guild on Aszune-EU where i became an officer after about a year when i lost the majority of my noobness.
After a while i switched guilds to UtopĂ­a which was a mixed guild, which was more to my liking at that time and to take a break from being an officer.
I was dumb enough to accept an officer position later on again which i still am, only with the arrival of the Burning Crusade we had to dismantle the guild and restart with about 80% of our members into a more raid orientated guild; Elysium was born.
Thus far we managed to clear Karazhan, Gruul and working at SSC and The Eye (where we killed The Lurker and the Voidreaver sofar)

Besides this im maintaining various alts: A 70 NE warrior (arms atm), a 60 something NE Moonkin Druid, a 30 something NE Priest (sense a trend? :P ), A 30 something Human Rogue (my attempt at a twink), a 30 something BE Lock (my most serious horde-toon), a 20 something Dranei Shaman and a bunch of lesser toons.
I'll post my /played later if i have the guts.

Thats actually me in the picture btw.. my Phone's background ever since the Open Beta :)

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