Thursday, August 23

The fork in the Road

Time for some more WoW related material.. i guess it's time by now.

What i was thinking about is that switch of ingame carreer, not talking about the carreer where you climb the rank of a guild... No, i'm talking about switching jobs, going for a mainswitch.
I myself have been a Hunter since retail and i had no doubt about that this Hunter would be my main. I'd see people all around me mainswitching and my head just hurts trying to match those new names to the names i got to know while leveling.

But then the Burning Crusade arrived and rumours of the Hunter Class being ass-raped frightend me more then the thought of getting hacked yet again (but thats a different story).
I was even considering making my Warrior my new main but Druids were the new tanks so that didnt seem too appealing either once i heard about that.
Luckily i got a beta-key from a ingame friend and i could browse ahead of the rest so i logged in and did a /who hunter 70.
This Hunter was kind enough to answer my spam of questions and i was relieved that things didnt look as grim as was presented to me.

A month later BC arrived and i was happy to bring my Hunter to 70 and tho i liked playing all my other toons, my Hunter was without a doubt my main. (brought my warrior to 70 quite rapidly tho)

Now i'm playing my alt Shaman and having quite some fun which made me think; Would i ever encounter a class which would make me mainswitch?

Perhaps one of the new Hero classes?

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