Friday, August 24

Another Alt day

You know that feeling when you're sick of playing your main and want to try a different class for a bit? Maybe that fun alt that your trying to level until you get those cool new spells, talents or into that fun instance?
Well i feel like that now and then but this time i'm forced to.

I spend last night (after i came home late) copying my GF's WoW to my PC using an USB-stick (1.1 speed) while in meanwhile i played on my Alt Shaman which dóes work for some reason.
My time yesterday was spend in Duskwood which i've done with 6 characters already and this time it went amazingly smooth. Remembering quests is not the problem and if i do forget wowhead is my friend.

Besides my Hunter this Shaman is most likely one of the easiest to level sofar... on my Rogue i managed to die quite a bit, but perhaps my level was lower so maybe comparison is a bit off.

I do start to realize why i dreaded Horde Shaman in BG's so much when i did them on my 29 Rogue, they seem to have some nice burst damage and those totems add more then just looks.
The downside is you go oom pretty fast if you play like this but in a BG thats not much of a problem anyway when you come back after your date with the spirithealer.

In just 2 hours i gained 2 levels so i'm level 25 now... for the first time in my WoW-carreer i actually long for the next "kill X Murloc" quest as i need some fishscales for underwather breathing :)
A pretty useless skill most of the time, but you've got to set goals for yourself... even when they are actually stupid ones.

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